When Matt Damon, alone, is in a movie, you know that it is at least going to have good acting. When Clint Eastwood’s name is involved in said movie, as well, you have a joyous adventure ahead of you.

Hereafter is a spiritual tale of a man (Damon) who can reach the realm of the dead to tell messages to their loved ones still living, who believes that it is a curse more than a gift, a French reporter (Cecile De France) who went through a disaster and now has to deal with the weird visions she is frequently having while taking time off to write a book, and a young British boy (Frankie McLaren, in his first performance) who lost the person closest to him who is looking for a psychic that can help him communicate with him.

Best Aspects: The acting, writing, dialog, personal connection to the film, and the ending.

Ending: Now, I am a collector of good endings, but I just don’t know about this one. I think that it means something, but the way it is open is just too hard to grasp a definitive answer. It is like the Inception ending, but not as exciting (not near, at that), and is also a mix of the As Good As It Gets ending, while making you think that ever-so-aggravating question: “What does THAT mean?”

Bottom Line: A. The film was good, and I believe it to be the fourth best film this year. See it, and feel touched by the emotion that is oozing out of the Eastwood-driven vehicle.