A couple of years ago, I did a review of this movie and gave it good press. Looking at the film a couple of years later, I see that the movie has aged a bit. But it’s still quite good and the entire production is still very entertaining. “Hoodwinked”, while not bad, just needs to be analyzed more carefully. This time, I will talk about the film in a more mature condition rather than a childish way.

The story gives us the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but the filmmakers turned the classic fable around. It starts off at the end of the tale with all of the characters meeting at one specific point. Then the whole movie is treated like a crime scene. All of the main characters, Red, Granny, the Wolf, and the Huntsman are all identified as suspects. For it turns out that the notorious Goody Bandit has been stealing all of the forest’s desserts, and no one can identify a victim.

Here, we get different stories from our main leads as they each tell what went on during the day. Red tries to deliver her grandmother’s recipe but keeps getting distracted. The Wolf is a reporter trying to find out who’s the Goody Bandit on his own. The Huntsman is an actor working on to improve his callback for an audition he just recently made. And finally Granny is a lives life as an extremist who constantly lies about this to Red. It’s up to special agent Nicky Flippers to gather all of the stories to create a palatable solution as to which person is the real crook.

“Hoodwinked” really excels in its concept and its humor. Plus, the movie adds a lot of cartoon elements too. In fact, the filmmakers borrow a lot of gags from older cartoons like Warner Bros. and Tex Avery. This is mostly applied to the Wolf and it works out quite well. But where this movie really shines is in the animation. Now the imagery and the entire production might come off as a low-budget movie. And that’s because it is; but it works. Yet despite all of the positive feedback mentioned here, the film does suffer a bit.

For one thing, the script is good, even some of the actors improvise on occasion, but had the budget been increased a bit, we as the audience would have seen and delved a little more into the fairy tale. Also this would have given time to develop a better character backstory for some of the minor leads. But my biggest problem with the film is the songs. They are so over-the-top; the musical numbers are not even worth listening. In fact, there is, however, one good song, but that’s pretty much all I can take in the film. If the songs were written better then I might show some appreciation. But as it stands, the songs are terrible.

Overall, “Hoodwinked” is not the masterpiece that I remember, but it is enjoyable. It’s a film that the entire family can like. Sure it does suffer, but not by much. This movie is one you might want to check out for yourself.