When I hear a song in a movie that grabs me, I look it up on Grooveshark and play it for a long while. I recently discovered some of the best movie songs through just watching classics (at least in my mind), and would love to provide and give you all a taste of some 100% kick-ass music.

5. In the Deep – Bird York / Sense of Touch – Mark Isham – Movie: Crash – Crash in itself is a masterpiece, and these songs just make it so much better. Must-listens.

4. A Message (Charlie Clouser mix) – Andy Kubiszewski – Death Sentence – This great, beautiful, touching song is a true homage to the redemption-based film genre.

3. Elevator Beat (and its remix, (titled “Elevator Beat Remix”) which is available on youtube) – Nancy Wilson – Movie: Vanilla Sky – The movie and its music were both amazing, but this song is just hard not to love. I’d recommend that EVERYONE listen to this song.

2. Song For Bob – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Movie: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford – An amazing movie, but a song that moves the soul.

1. End Titles – Edward Shearmur – Passengers – The only song to ever make me cry, End Titles by Edward Shearmur is a movie music gem, and is a must-hear for all who love film music.