Case 39 the latest Horror film to kick off the October Movie season , and needless to say , its kicked off with a BOMB!. I had thought i had seen it all , But Case 39 has made me realize when you think all the bad movies are over, your wrong!. This lame , corny , and cheesy setup , Tho some of the minor material we are given works on a reasonable scale. But this film we have seen it all before , do you remember last year? Orphan anyone , same concept just not with the whole screwed up ending. The build up in this film is terrible , i mean terrible your left with so many unanswered questions after the film , you just want to know why you wasted your money , the film has a talented cast , that is pretty much put to nothing , With Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper , this movie really does not put a modern day twist on this tale about a possessed child. I mean really?… lets be honest here. On the brighter side the movie is kind of short and gets to its point real quick. The film , made me jump a few times , but the creature effects and scale of it all is just wasted , and low budget rated. 

Emily Jenkins (Zellwegger) is a child social worker , She has now 38 active cases and when she is crossed with a 39? what does this mean , a poor innocent little girl by the name if Lilith. Is about to be killed by her parents , and is being sent to hell , is this a ploy? or is she actually in trouble. When Emily Rushes so help her , with her police pal. Mike Barron (Ian McShane) and her also friend Douglas J. Amens who is also scared by this little girl. Emily then decides to take the little girl in , and take care of her. But as she deeper investigates the strange occurrences at her old house , she comes to relize everything may not be as it seems , why are the parents locking themselfs in there room at night?. But Emily is about to find out , that this little angel innocent Lilith is not who she seems to be. With time running out and everyone dieing around her. Emily is gonna do whatever it takes to stop her once and for all. 

My main problem with this film , is the build-up , i mean its not like the audiences don’t know what is going to happen , i mean the movie is kind of obvious. The actors are more better then the material at which to our expense we have seen all before. There are some nice solid performances here i’m not gonna lie , Ian McShane was really intriguing. But the other BIG problem , the movie tries to be smart and clever and witty and humorous but see like i stated it fails on all those levels. Mainly because its trying to be something its not , the movies audacity to not know what it is , really gets me. But granted there were some instances in the film that will make you jump saying “OOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Which if that is what they are going for? fine , but i was not interested. The movie really lost me about after the firs 20mins , after we already know the story , and whats gonna happen. 

Overall i’m not gonna go into extensive detail but this movie was BAD!, The total unoriginal plot really takes away from a movie. The movie had potential to be a great and fun and enjoyable time at the movies , but this was not , it was boring to watch , its more fun to make fun of the movie as it is going on. But really as opposed to that. You should not rush out and waste your money. Mainly because it is not worth it that much. But this movie will be easily forgotton in the near future , mainly because with this Halloween season , filled with way more scary movies to feed your pleasure for horror films , I.e My Soul To Take. So really if you just wait a week or even for DVD your not missing anything. But in general i would just say skip the film entirely. I mean i would think im doing the favor here. Case 39 in the end , i wish i could have gotten more for my $7





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