So here’s what I got from this movie:

Casey Affleck is a town Deputy and one day he goes to a woman’s (Jessica Alba) house who is the spouse of the man who killed his brother. Affleck plans on getting revenge, and he slaps the be-Jesus out of her. She likes it, though, because apparently the actors always seem to find the ONE person in the town who is okay with whatever they do. So he and her begin to have an affair. Then, Affleck beats her to death with his fists, and then he shoots the man 4 times. The town Sheriff, who is a complete idiot, doesn’t think for a SECOND that Affleck is the person, but there is a suspecting detective from another town who believes that Affleck is suspicious.

Best Aspects: Affleck’s acting and the realistic graphics, though the rest of the movie was atrocious.

Bottom Line: F. Don’t see this movie. IFC let me down with this one.