Imagine, if you will, an Asian version of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, make it more funny and violent, and two times as unrealistic, and that is this movie.
A buffoon robs a train and on this train there is a map to a treasure beyond imagination. A member of the Good of China is on the train, too, and a hitman is also on the train with a band of people. The Japanese army and Manchurian nomads get involved and the result is a massive hour and a half battle for the map (Since the intro was 30 min. long).

Best Aspects: GREAT shots, okay plot and good writing (though the ending was drawn out, though, and very unrealistic). IFC has pissed me off recently, but luckily this movie didn’t let me down too bad.

Bottom Line: B. Not the worst foreign movie I’ve seen, but certainly not the best.