If you have not seen this film, you are missing out! James Cameron’s newest film “Avatar”, is a must see. This sci-fi fantasy is absolutely amazing. Avatar takes place in the future with high tech technology and machinery where scientists can create human-like “avatars” that look exactly like, Na’vis, the native aliens that live on the moon Pandora. Sam Worthington, who plays Jake Sully, the handicapped marine who has to accomplish a mission when Dr. Grace Augustine (played by Sigourney Weaver) asks him to help study and learn about the Na’vis and their land.
        Things get interesting when Jake transforms into his avatar and meets Neytiri, portrayed by Zoë Saldena. Neytiri is this beautiful native from Pandora that’s passionate about her family and her home land. She is in my opinion, the strongest and most fascinating character in the film. Neytiri and Jake become fast friends when Neytiri’s parents have her teach Jake to become a true Na’vi. Neytiri spends her time with Jake teaching him the Na’vi language, “making the bond” with a banshee, a huge beautiful birdlike creature that Na’vis can ride on, and how to hunt different creatures throughout the land.
        When Jake is not being his avatar he is dealing with orders from Colonel Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang, and Parker Selfridge, played by the funny Giovanni Ribisi. Col. Quaritch and Parker want to tear down a huge area in the Navi land on Pandora for rocks that are worth millions. Jake has to deal with a very difficult decision and could cost him his trust with the Na’vi natives.
         Overall, I think this film is brilliant. There is not a single complaint that I have for this movie. It’s beautiful to watch, James Cameron’s imagination on screen is absolutely mind blowing. His idea of Pandora and the exquisite Na’vis that are ten feet tall, blue with long dreads and a single braid down their back used for making bonds, and strikingly huge yellow eyes that make every scene feel so real that they almost seem like humans, are stunning. Cameron’s shots of Jake and his banshee experiencing their first flight together and the breathtakingly beautiful levitating
Hallelujah Mountains are unbelievable.
       The acting is also great. Sam Worthington and Zoë Saldena do a remarkable job together throughout the film and Stephen Lang is impressive and intimidating which works perfectly for his character. Giovanni Ribisi also brings a lot to the table along with veteran sci-fi actress Sigourney Weaver who portrays her character Grace as a lovable hard-ass. Even the supporting cast, such as Joel Moore who plays Norm Spellman, another scientist who works with the avatars and Michelle Rodriquez who plays Trudy who flies the helicopters throughout Pandora was superior as well.
       The dialogue was fun and understandable. There was a perfect amount of action and the acting was outstanding. This movie should only be witnessed in the IMAX 3D theater. This is a groundbreaking epic film that could have the power to change the way we view movies from here on out. To me, Avatar wasn’t a movie. It was an experience.
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