Quick note, there was this project that my friend’s little brother had to do for Health class, and on it, he talked about marijuana, and how it caused Cancer. Hahaha, if the people are going to teach THIS to our kids, they might as well just tell the children “We’re gonna fill your heads with these lies, and don’t worry, we won’t stop until you are 90, and then you’ll be too crazy to know what’s true!” Anyway, just a stoner ranting about establishment. Now to the article:

While I did have the most fun in “researching” for these reviews, there are some movies that are not very good, even when I’m EXTREMELY out there (example: Elizabethtown (Don’t ask how this one came to be, but it just did)). But, the movies I watched to do this review were all very good both in and out of “the loop” (sorry about the horribly retarded words, but I might as well use some puns and keep the wording PG). So, without further ado, here are my three separate reviews.

1. Pulp Fiction – Director: Quentin Tarantino – One of the best movies ever, Pulp Fiction is certainly a must see, regardless of your mind’s fixated state. You could feel the words in the movie, as if you were with Tarantino when he wrote it, and you can’t help but love it. 5 holy hell’s out of 5.

2. Almost Famous – Director: Cameron Crowe – The autobiographical film is quite a masterpiece especially when you are in the level of a mind revolution (again, sorry about the puns). The movie makes you feel like you are THERE with the band, rocking to the late rock and roll era. 5 “awesome, man!”‘s out of 5.

3. Dazed and Confused. This one is a given. Classic Stonage Film. 5 Hellyeah’s out of 5.

So there you have it. Recommend a movie or comment on what you think if you have, indeed seen these movies, and would like to share thoughts.