The most accurate way to describe the Naked Gun series is comparing it to Marmite.

You either hate it or you love it.

 But for those of you that don’t know about the series, which is a surprising number of people, I shall fill you in on the details of the story:

Lt. Frank Drebin is the main character and he is part of a special division of the police: Police Squad. Together with his Captain Ed and Misfortunate Nordberg they will crack cases wide open, making culture references, political references, cameoes, puns and just overall being very very odd.

The humour is probably the best asset that this series has, the story isn’t why you bought it, it’s the ridiculous humour and fight scenes.

Most of the humour emminates from Frank himself, although there are situations where Frank is confused and his facial expression shows this so well, that you can’t help but wonder if everyone is insane in the universe of Naked Gun, and they probably are. There are also quite a lot of scenes where something serious is happening in the foreground but the background is Frank throwing around his girlfriend.

And then there are the bits which are just so random that they can’t really be taken out of context, they only work as an asset in the film, or to hint at a joke which was set up a while ago.

In fact, I think that Leslie Nielson is probably one of the best comedy actors of all time, along with the writers and the director David Zucker, who just has a taste for this sort of filmmaking. It makes for a pretty damn good trilogy to laugh at.

Although, if you don’t like the style of humour, or the way that women are represented, then I suggest you go and see something else. Like I said, some people will like it and some people won’t.

In summary, a story which doesn’t matter and some hilariously bad puns and action sequences. Also, some real WTF moments that will have you as confused as Frank Drebin himself.

Jamie Walshe.