In the past couple of years I have realized that I watch more movies than most people do. But I still have yet to see some of the great classic movies. Today I saw maybe not what is considered a classic but certainly a great film. Today I watched a Bronx Tale. An amazing film directed by Robert De Niro (his first movie ever directed). De Niro also stars as the third (possibly second) lead in the film. The lead role is Lillo Brancato playing C a seventeen year old, living in the Bronx. C has become entranced by the rich life by a neighborhood gangster named Sunny played by Chazz Palminteri. De Niro is consistently trying to teach his son the morals of the working man and resents the fact that his son C is hanging around the gangster. C is torn between his wants of the rich life and his want to keep his father happy, while trying to keep his friends happy.

The three lead actors make an amazing trio and an amazing movie. It is no surprise that De Niro came out with such an amazing performance (as usual) but the chemistry he had with Brancato while maintaining a powerful contrast with Palminteri made for a near perfect storyline and a great film. Lillo Brancato also gave a great performance as C. Lillo really made the inner conflict clear to the audience without being obvious. Palminter’s role was also a decent performance. Although I don’t think his role was a very difficult role to act he gave an entertaining role where he played the small town neighbourhood gangster. Not an Al Pacino type role where he was a national cocaine dealer but a role where he represented the main muscle of the Bronx.

The writing of the story may not have been the very best in gangster movies. A movie that is easy to watch and where it is not necessary to think throughout the movie. The movie was shallow in that sense with no real twists. The movie ends in my mind perfectly but perhaps the writers could have made a twist in order to get audience onto the edge of their seat.

This movie is a must see for any viewer who loves gangster movies. It may not be your typical shoot em up, sex, drugs, and money film but still had a new idea as far as gangster movies go. If you are not a “gangster lover” (when I say gangster I mean old time gangster not new gangster) than you may not want to watch the film but if you have nothing else to do and its on T.V than why not watch it.