Everybody has heard about the 2012 so-called “doomsday prophecy” and even those who live within the depth of caves have heard of the Roland Emmerich disaster film that was released last year,  “2012”.

The film is self-explanatory really, and it surrounds a family (divorced parents, two kids, jealous new husband, that sort of thing) who are trying to survive the elements as the world as they know it collapses around them, while they are trying to find these so-called “spaceships” that are supposed to take all the rich, famous and “important” people in the world to safety. Now, as everyone knows, Roland Emmerich is famous for his array of disaster movies, for example “The Day After Tomorrow (2004)”, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so when I heard that “2012” was coming to the big screens, I had set the bar high for hope that it would exceed my expectations.

Which it, to be quite honest,  didn’t really.

I am firm to the point of screaming at people that the 2012 “end of the world” crap is a complete myth. The “doomsday prophecy” was created by us, the Western society, not the Mayans. The Mayans, indeed, created a calendar that is supposed to end on the 21st December 2012, but only for the reason that it is the end of an age of the Earth. Not the apocalypse. The Mayan’s also have INSISTED that the prophecy is not true. Mostly I scream at the people who believe that the events depicted in the film are actually going to happen. I mean, how stupid can you get? It’s a film for crying out loud!! Roland Emmerich doesn’t know these things.

I didn’t go to see the movie for the terror factor,  I went to see it for the pure enjoyment of watching an fast-paced action/adventure disaster movie. The special effects are fantastic to the point of being unbelieable in parts, like when Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) drives the limo down the streets of Los Angeles while buildings are collapsing here, there and everywhere around him. Even more so where he successfully attempts to fly through a collapsing glass building. Even with that though, I still thought the movie was well-constructed, even if it was a bit crap at times. John Cusack is one of my favourite actors, and his performance in this film, even though it wasn’t his best, was still enjoyable to watch, and as usual, uses his trademark deadpan humour. Danny Glover put on a good show as well as the President.

My overall opinion of the film is that it is a just above average action flick, even if the concept was ludicrous. It wasn’t a very memorable movie  in my opinion, considering you’ll have forgot most of the dialogue and the action by the end of the week.

Watch or Avoid: Don’t spend considerable amounts of money on getting it, watch it when it comes on television or rent it on DVD, watching it a second or third time doesn’t really make it any more memorable.