Wall Street was overall a informative and enjoyable movie about how money can take over peoples lives and destroy their relations with real people other than just money.

The script had it’s up and downs. At areas there was so much rambling and no layers and it just came off as flat. Other areas in the movie came off as beautifully written and aswell acted.

Carey Mulligan shined in this role playing a woman who was marrying a Wall street man. She got in the depths of the character and showed that “she doesn’t care about the money anymore”

Micheal Douglas has a wonderful story telling voice and how could we tired of it. He was a vilian to Carey in this movie and he gave a fantastic performance, while showing that really all he cares about is “Money!Money!Money!”

if you wanted to see a movie with a feel good ending this is the one to see. Although the ending came off as cheap and not crisp and well thought out as the rest of the movie. I don’t think that the character Micheal played would have took the offer to be apart of the family again; he would never have gave carey back the money. I found the ending very fake and also a dissapointing end to a miraculous movie.