Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) stars in the fourth installment of the Dirty Harry series, Sudden Impact, Harry is on the case of a series of serial killings starting with the first murder in San Fransisco. When he makes a mess of things he is sent on a short vacation down to San Paulo, there he looks for evidence and continues to follow the serial killer. Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Locke) moves down to San Paulo as she searches for revenge. Inspector Harry Callahan makes the phrase “go ahead make my day” a new leading catch phrase in this action adventure._ The movie starts off with the brutal murder of an unknown man. The killer, Jennifer Spencer, shots this man once in the genitals and once in the head. We move on to a few scenes including Callahan’s unconventional but result showing methods. As punishment the police department forces him to take a vacation. Callahan refuses, so instead the department assigns a case that would make him leave the San Fransisco area. Upon arrival to San Paulo he doesn’t make any friends as he is told to keep is hot shot city ways of fighting crime to himself.   Jennifer, after killing her first victim, travels to San Paulo in order to right the wrongs done to her and her sister. After being brutally gang raped on the beach 10 years earlier she starts to kill of the men and one women raped the two sisters. She kills her marks quite successfully until the tables turn and she is on the verge of being raped again. With Callahan be attacked from behind and thrown into a river it is hard to say that Jennifer has any hope. What makes this movie so great is who acts out each character._ You would think Harry Callahan is the most prominent character, But Jennifer fits in her role quite perfectly. With her hair being a subtle but very important feature. It looks to be blonde but one can see all the gray features it has. This shows her age and how beautiful she was and still is. He acting performance was phenomenal, I felt as if she was raped and found myself rooting her on as she went on her revenge trip._ As in most of Clint Eastwood’s movies, he directs and acts, both of his talents are used quite will in this feature film. He foreshadows events really well and draws the plot of the story to a nice close. His one major foreshadow is the horn of a unicorn and how it ties the ending up with no loose ends. With his catch phrases and action fighting mayhem Clint Eastwood leaves no one disappointed._ Overall this movie is definitely worth watching and for a fourth installment Harry Callahan does not loose any of his charisma. I do not mean to say that this movie is Oscar worthy but still worthy of  92 minutes of dedicated viewing. If you do enjoy this movie I would recommend watching all of Clint Eastwood’s movies.