Technically speaking, there is nothing really wrong with ‘The Other Guys’. Both Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg are good in the roles, the direcion is fairly standard, the action is all well done and the dialogue is genuinely funny at times. However, this in itself is a problem because it wallows in the fact that it doesn’t really go out on a limb and just sticks to the good old Mismatched Cop Movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good just not really memorable.The Other Guys is set in a world were everyone shows their emotions and feelings to the absolute extreme, coming up with really weird comments, being really graphically honest when it doesn’t call for it. Basically, everyone is insane. Two hero cops have been killed recently and it’s up to the other guys (see what they did there?) to expose the money thefts masterminded by Steve Coogan.The plot isn’t anything special and can be a bit confusing for the average viewer, but it is really just there to service the wacky action scenes and car chases.The best way to describe the violence and action in ‘The Other Guys’ is Wacky Races mixed with Grand Theft Auto IV. Towards the end of the film, there is an epic chase sequence where the backing music is ‘Sunday Morning’ by The Beatles. The overall feel of the action is aimed to take the piss out of big budget hero cop films, mimicking the really cool chase sequences, but instead of an ex-soldier or special ops guy. It’s an angry, attention-deficit guy with a nerdy, socially repressed guy.The film has been given a rating of 12A, although I feel that this was probably a last minute just before they started filming, because the language rather pushes the limits of what a 12A film should be. Believe me I’m not for censorship, but when the audience goes to see a 12A, you would expect the violence and language to be slightly less than a mild 15. I have a feeling that the lines between censorship are blurring a fair bit, but more on that in another article.Most of the film is just quite random in terms of humour. Some of the jokes often have nothing to do with the actual plot or story in anyway but the are just there to make the film seem more ridiculous, which it succeeds in fairly well. The randomness of the comedy however will be slightly perplexing to some viewers, those who like a good joke, said once which challenges principles and can change one’s personal outlook on life then I suggest that you go and see something else because The Other Guys has a completely different sense of humour. It is comparable to Family Guy and it has the same sense of humour, one scene in particular seems exactly like something that Seth McFarlane would think up in his demented little noggin.But anyway, in summary:The Other Guys is a solid post summer film, if you want to see it then go for it, but it’s not a must see. If you do see it, then you’ll enjoy it at the time, but you wouldn’t go rushing back to the cinema for a second viewing. A good film, which probably won’t be remembered in a few months but worth a look all the same if you like Family Guy. Jamie Walshe