Though I believe that Cabin Fever is one of those films that you can dislike and still say is genius, Cabin Fever 2 is shit. When I saw this movie I was a quite in-another-mind (I’ll say this to keep some viewers who are against my Stonage reviews in the loop without feeling like they are reading an “evil, illegal-based review”). So the movie begins with one of the awesomest scenes I’ve seen in the state of mind, with Rider Strong’s character getting smashed by a school bus, and mid smash, the movie title pops up on the screen. Awesome.

Then things got bad, and the graphic, stupid film began. The movie was terrible, and I believe that it was extremely unnecessary, and ruined the first one’s name.

See it?: No.

Why?: It sucks, has no real plot besides graphic high school prom incidents with the virus and a stripper with the disease spreading it worldwide.

Stonage Rating?: Very Bad out of Awesome.

(P.S. Stonage Ratings: My ratings are as follows from worst to best – High-killer, Very Bad, Bad, Alright, Cool, Damn, Holy Shit and Awesome).