This is one of my favourite horror films, it’s time for Halloween.

John Carpenter, of whom we are not worthy, brought this scare spectacular to our screens with suspense in mind, and it more than delivers.

My favourite part of this film is the confusing, unexpected and glue-to-the-screen introduction to the movie, which is done in one very well planned shot, and in just four minutes, throws us into the suburban world in which it is set. Playing a little bit on the classic fear of the unknown, Carpenter masterfully uses a blank mask to inspire fear in both the audience and Jamie Lee Curtis’ ballsy babysitter.

While I’m on the unknown, the amount of shots of darkness and teasing views of midnight backgrounds only builds the enormous tension from house to house. The montage shots of different areas in theĀ finale household, for example, were more than enough to get my knees up by my face.

However, a slightly overrated role in the movie was Donald Pleasance’s character, Doctor Loomis. While it was a good few sequences with him in, I personally don’t feel he was given enough dominant screen time, often being accompanied by a local figure. It almost seems like his character was only written in for the ending (which is a stonker by the way) but that is unfortunately his one golden moment in the film.

As I said before, Jamie Lee Curtis leaps (almost) out of the stereotypical babysitter role and gets right into the thick of it. A wonderful transition from schoolgirl to woman, every time she is on screen, you cant help but wonder what’s going to happen to her. Thankfully, she diverted enough attention from the annoying children throughout.

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good scare and anyone who can get past low budget special effects and into well acted, well shot suspense. Also, keep an eye on your open doors at night time =P