I Never thought i would see the day , Wall Street Money Never Sleeps the follow up to the 1987 hit Wall Street which won Micheal Douglas his first Academy Award. But this time Oliver Stone as a new face to the mix Shia LaBouf whose last film was “Transformers Revenge of the fallen”. Is the real show stealer here. He delivers a stunning and Perfect! performance as the Kid who has wall street smarts Jacob More. Along with the new batch Gecko’s estranged daughter Winnie (Cary Mulligan) delivers an outstanding performance as well. The film does not quite live up to its original , But the players are different but the game is good , with Witty and Sharp Dialog i can not begin to imagine that Wall Street 2. Is so far the best film i have seen Since summers smash hit; “ToyStory 3″. Oliver Stone is back directing the film where he picks up the pieces as the 1st one left off , for newcomers to the film. They may be turned off , buy the flow of it , it does move slow (in a good way) But the film , keeps you entertained , immersed and you can’t look away , with the talented cast this movie has how can you not go wrong i must say Oliver Stone has directed yet again another pitch-perfect film.

The film stars off immediately with Gecko leaving prison after 8 long and miserable years. Reason being for insider trading , and money launder (in case you did not remember). Now Seven Years later the film picks up in 2008 , with Gecko back on time , after publishing his new book , he is now what everyone is talking about. But he is still trying to make amends with his daughter Winner (Mulligan) who wants nothing to do with him. Then while attending one of Gecko’s seminars Jacob More (LaBouf) who is a stock broker for Wall Street. Runs into Gecko and tells him he is going to marry his daughter. The two seem to hit off good. With Jacob wanting to seek his help and advice , But then we get Brenton (Josh Brolin) the one that put Gecko in the joint 8 years ago. Hires Jacob as one of his brokers , and are trying to settle a huge deal with some HUGE investors on Fusion. But with Jacob keep getting sucked down and out of the vortex with his love live with his soon to be wife are hanging by a thread , and with a huge shocker of a finale well you are just gonna have to wait and see. 

Oliver Stone is back directing; this one of kind Brilliant Smart and clever film , He tries to being back all the original cast including cameos from (Charlie Sheen) and with some other good supporting work as Jacob’s mom (Susan Sarandon) the film shines and blinds you like no other. Now the film has some points where it may lose you to some boring subjects but trust me stay with it , and you will be find. LaBouf’s performance is what really gives the movie the flavor , along with Douglas whom i don’t think is gonna get another Oscar for this films role , but the real shocker of this film is its a sequel , and for that it makes it even more better two of the best films of the year were sequels which is surprising because of the recent sequel status of all movies coming in this day and age of cinema. Also we see very brief in the film (Frank Langella) before (well i don’t want to give it away). Like every sequel it does not live up to the original but is it better then that drab of a movie the Amercian? Hell Yes!.

Overall with stunning performances and smart and intelligent script i give this movie the highest rating i can bestow upon manner. This is by far going to be on my list for best films of 2010 you can believe me. Its nice getting a refresh taste of the classic film again. Oliver Stone knows what he is doing , and won’t lose your interest (well he may here and there) but anyways. Most people are not gonna get buy the fact because its all about wall street , and then there are going to say this movie sucks and is boring , The film is not everyone you need to be prepared to think because if you are not then well you will be caught off guard. I hope this is not the last entry in the series but chances are it probably is , i enjoyed all 2hrs and 7mins of this picture. I truly mean that , i never wanted this movie to end i enjoyed so MUCH!. The film itself is truly gratifying and it satisfies and it should for every Wall Street fan or people who are in the business considering half the people are gonna go see this film 18 and younger and have no idea what the hell is going on…





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