The Town i have been eagerly Anticipating the release , having high expectations for this film , i must say i was not turned away or lost interest in the storyline for the whole 2hr and 5min running time. Ben Affleck once again returns to what he does best , Directing with the stunning success of Gone Baby Gone , it was only natural that audiences and critics alike would fall in love with this movie , and needless to say thats exactly what i felt with this movie , the movie is so vague , and interesting you can’t look away for more than a second. The movie does lose some of its pacing with the romance in the film between (Hall & Affleck) but not to much , Affleck really shows us the roots of Charles town Massachusetts , Also Boasting an all star cast , including terrific performances by Oscar Nominee Jeramey Renner (The Hurt Locker) and Jon Hamm (TV’s Mad Men) The Town Is a one of kind Snappy Thriller that is probably one of the best films of the year. The Films Running time i feel did not meet standers i felt it should have been a more lengthener in order to clear up some of the mild story line bumbs. 

The Town centers around Doug (Affleck) who works for a Sand and Gravel pit in the small little town of Charlestown but on the side he lives a deep darker life that no one would even think imaginable. With his Brother James “Jem” Coughlin. Rob a Cambridge Bank at Gun point and with aggressive force take over the bank and take lonely Bank Manager Clare (Rebecca Hall) who seems very comfortable in her role , after they take her hostage and eventually let her go she goes to the police thats where Adam (Jon Hamm) is in charge of the task unit force for Bank Robberies. Investigates the Bank Robbery and now “Gem” (Renner) Wants to take care of Claire so that way there is not witnesses. Doug says he will take care of the situation and then instead of doing what he is supposed to , he falls madly in love with her , which things very tense with his Brother , who knows she is the only Prime Witness that could give them away. With the Police Hot on there trail the Gang of friends need to do the best they can to evade the cops and make it out save , which may involve Killing some people in the process.

The Directing here is by the Acclaimed directer of Gone Baby Gone. Ben Affleck really feels like he is in his prime here. He truly takes the movies reigns and makes this movie a truly great movie , i would not see anybody non-other then Affleck directing this movie. Another thing that stands out , this film has such a clever script , and makes you more interesting in what is gonna happen next as opposed to whats happening in the now. But i feel the movies is stolen away from Jeremy Renner’s Oscar Worthy Performance , i loved and enjoyed every second he was on screen , this is one of the many reasons you need to see this movie. That combined with Jon Hamm’s scary and terrific performance also. This is one movie that stands out in this fall movie season which is containing alot of bum movies that are not intriguing and interesting (Machete and Resident Evil). But this movie is a force to be reckon with i dare you to check out this movie , and not be dazzled. 

Overall , The Town is a truly all – out Action/Romance adventure film that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole movie , with like i said great and stunning performances by Renner and Hamm. The Town is a winner on all level’s. With a nice Tense script written and the cast really knows what to do with it. The Material is so good , and challenging i did not see any other cast such other as the one provided taken this movie over , like they day. When all is said and done , you may be left in tears , and you may be left with the urge for wanting more and hey maybe you even may want both. But the Town is a movie you should not miss , with stunning performances , and a great script and director behind the camera. This movie stands and is one of the best movies this fall season. Now don’t listen to me ramble on more go out right now and see The Town!.





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