Yes man is a comedic film starring Jim Carrey and Zoey Deschanel. Jim plays a guy named Carl, a boring bank employee stuck in his own mundane life due to his habit of saying no to almost everything. His life changes dramatically after bumping into his old friend who invited him to a Say Yes seminar. With great hesitation, he attended the seminar and found himself making a covenant to self-help guru Terrence (played by Terence Stamp) in which Carl is obliged to say Yes to any situation or opportunity that arises. At first, Carl realizes that saying yes will eventually lead to something good such as having the chance to make out with the cool and free spirited Allison (Zoey). However, things started turning ugly as soon as he started saying no. Despite the mixed review for this film, I am quite proud to admit that I enjoyed watching it more than I had expected. The storyline touches a very delicate and common social issue of fearing having to mingle with others and the failure to see life in a positive manner. I was impressed on how Jim managed to subdue his overly comedic side when it needed to be toned down. He also managed to show of his musical side when he sang “Jumper” while playing a guitar. His co-star Zoey also made use of her talents when she sang as the lead vocal for the band Munchausen by Proxy (a painfully artistic band which doesn’t play anything considered mainstream).  It was quite amusing to hear the roaring laughter inside the cinema throughout the film especially during the elderly neighbor scene (which may have offended some people but it sure was funny). Overall, Yes Man is not just your typical comedy because it delivers an important message to anyone who had forgotten to relax and have fun. Surprisingly, it will urge you to evaluate the way you make choices and the way you live your life.