Scary is not disturbing, just as disturbing is not scary. The true value of a movie is how it effects you or the society, at that. Movies such as Se7en and Saw have impacted the influence of disturbing torture flicks in America, though said films have been showing up YEARS before in Japan, which most of these movies will come from. This is the list of the 5 most disturbing movies of the last decade.

5. The Devil’s Rejects – Rob Zombie’s sequel (to House of 1000 Corpses) is sick and twisted and shows what a mind and a relatively good plot can do to horror. It is a must-see for any lover of smart horror (smhorror (pronounced Smore-her). Yes! I invented a genre!).

4. Gaau Ji (Dumplings) – The 2004 Japanese horror flick really opened the door for the next three films to be more and more disturbing. It is sick, yet interesting.

3. Tokyo Gore Police – I have no comment on this one, it is just disturbing and doesn’t really have a plot line.

2. AntiChrist – Lars von Trier’s disturbing thriller is not set up well, in the means of just what the f$#k it is about. Von Trier’s film is simply a festival showing what you are now allowed to do in cinema for an R-rated movie (much genitalia and blood from that area is shown, just to inform you).

1. Hostel Pt. 2 – Again, scary is not disturbing and disturbing is not scary… though the movie has the best (worst, rather) of both worlds. The film is very graphic, and is the only movie that made me cringe in my seat just EXPECTING something to happen (which it did, and if you saw the movie, you know which part (s) I’m talking about).