Horror movies are dear to me: many are good… many suck terribly. Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism and the re-vamps of old school horror classics (besides the remake of Last House on the Left, which was actually better, to me, than the original), have all sucked on an epic scale, where as many of the movies that were made within this time period that were meant to be scary were just that. Here are my top 5 horror films of the last decade.

5. Hostel – The movie that really sparked a horror following in America, Hostel was both effective as a good story, a grand amount of torture violence, and an AMAZING ending that really makes you happy because of the redemption that is had.

4. Hostel Pt. 2 – The only movie to make me uncomfortable in theaters in the past 8 years, Hostel Pt. 2 is a true horror triumph: a triumph of how violent you can legally make an R-rated film. Then AntiChrist came out and set the bar higher.

3. Saw – This Se7en-esque film is a true masterpiece with one of the greatest twists ever in it with an ending that will give you chills and piss you off.

2. The Descent – Neil Marshall’s best (and only good, for that matter) movie is a creepy claustrophobic masterpiece of violence and the need to survive. Another must-see movie for a horror fan.

1. The Orphanage – Guillermo del Toro presented this extremely psychological and creepy movie that is a must see for Halloween. It is on Instant View on NetFlix and is MUST be seen by any horror fan.