When I asked everyone what their favorite movie was, I got a grand amount of answers, and am proud to be on the same site as all of these die-hard movie lovers. Now, I feel bad because my favorite movie won this site’s votes, but I am honoring it because it won with a great amount of votes more than the other movies (at least compared to the amount of people who voted). So, without further ado, here are the top three movies (there are like 10 though), based upon this website’s voting.

3. (TIE) (Each with Two (2) Votes)

>Godfather: Part 1


>Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

>Full Metal Jacket

>Last Samurai

>V For Vendetta

>A Clockwork Orange

>Lawrence of Arabia

2. (TIE) (Each with Three (3) Votes)

>Pulp Fiction
>Citizen Cane

And now for the #1 movie ever:

1. (With Six (6) Votes)

>The Departed