“Sorority Row” is a slasher horror film about a group of sorority sisters who play a prank that goes a little too far. “Sorority Row” stars Leah Pipes,Briana Evigan,Rumer Willis,Jamie Chung,Margo Harshman, and Audrina Patridge.

     “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets stabbed with a tire iron”. Well, that quote is exactly what this movie is about. When a group of sorority sisters from Theta Pi decide to play a prank on Megan’s (Patridge) boyfriend for cheating on her, things go a little out of hand. So the prank starts as a strong, Megan is making out with her boyfriend Garret and then starts puking up this yellow-ish stuff and “passes out”. When Megan’s other friends come in and tell Garret to leave Megan snaps out of it and decides to keep the prank going. Jessica (Pipes) decides to go to a junkyard so they can dump the body. When they arrive Megan is still fine and is pretending to be dead. When Jessica says they need some sharp rocks to de-assemble the body, the girls walk away and start looking for them. The girls are discussing wheater or not to keep the prank going. Cassidy,Ellie,Clair, and Chugs (Evigan,Willis,Chung,Harshman) decide their fun is over. When they are about to stop the prank, Garret finds a tire iron in the back of the car and stabs Megan through her throat. He then finds out Megan was actually alive and that it was just a prank. Now the sisters actually do have to hide the body. What they decide to do is throw the body and the tire iron down an empty well, swearing not to tell anybody what happened. Then the girls leave and go back to the party acting upsuspicous. 8 months go by and it’s graduation day. After graduation the girls want to throw a party for Theta Pi and start getting ready to do so, each girl who was involved with Megan’s death got a picture message from Megan and it was a picture of the bloody tire iron. Did one of the girls tell somebody about what happened to Megan? Or is Megan actually not dead?

     The acting in “Sorority Row” was really well done. Everybody who was in it did a great job and their wasn’t any cheesy deaths in it.

     The background music was great as well, it fit with the movie and was basically playing throughout. I would buy the soundtrack.

     “Sorority Row” is a great slasher horror movie that I would reccommend to anyone who’s not afraid to see a little blood (understatment).