I’ll tell you, if you enjoy movies that have meaning, joy, and even a little emotion, then toy story is the film for you. It’s filled with priceless joy and terrific entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

                This film is the worlds first to be comepletly animated from computers and is absolutly wonderful.

                The story takes place in this outstanding three dimensional world where Woody(Tom Hanks), a pull-string cowboy doll, was confident about his role as the bedroom leader and was respect by all of six year old kid Andy’s other toys. That is, until after Andy’s birthday party, when Buzz Lightyear(Tim Allen), a space ranger action figure who sports laser action and pop-out wings, comes into his life. But after Buzz instantly gains respect and admiration from the other toys, Woody begins to feel he may no longer be Andy’s favorite toy, which ignights a rivalry between Buzz and Woody, which lands the duo inside the home of Sid, the toy tourturing boy next door. To escape Sid’s evil plans, buzz and Woody must work together and end up realizing that they have found the perfect friend, in each other!

                      This movie is an absolute must see masterpiece! The direction done by John Lasseter is outstanding, he did an amazing job with this film.

                        The voice acting is amazing! Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are perfect choices to be Woody and Buzz, they nail the script perfectly and really bring out the personality of the characters. The animation is fantastic, and the music suits each scene perfectly.

                      Overall, this is just a masterpiece. Arguably Pixar’s best film they have ever made! Toy story is the perfect film for the whole family.

                    I give it a 5.