Johnny Depp portrays Sweeney Todd in this Tim Burton movie based off of the old Victorian tale. This movie exemplifies everything a movie should- a good story, backstory, and not to mention, the kills are pretty well-placed in this movie. Song is ingeniously combined into this film, showing the characters’ state of mind and emotions. The only thing that could have been better was the blood; it was all too easy to tell that it was paint. However, that does not derive from the fact that this movie’s storyline and characters develop so perfectly.


The story is that a skilled barber by the name of Benjamin Barker was falsely accused in a trial by Judge Turpin so as to get closer to Lucy, Barker’s wife. Turpin rapes Barker’s wife, causing her to ATTEMPT suicide with poison. Benjamin later arrives back, now living under the assumed name Sweeney Todd. He meets a woman named Mrs. Lovett, who runs an old pie shop. After regaining his razors, Sweeney hears the story of his wife’s fate, now convinced she’s dead. After many attempts to get closer to Turpin after killing nameless men to be served as meat pies to the unsuspecting public, flourishing Lovett’s business, Todd gets Turpin in the chair. Almost killing Turpin and gaining revenge, Todd is interrupted by a sailor named Anthony Hope, who is in love with Johanna. Turpin has already had run-ins with Anthony, so he assumes Sweeney is in league with him, and leaves. Meanwhile, a homeless woman has been trying to cut down Lovett’s sales, so a boy they had recently hired is forced to shoo her away.He eventually finds out the secret of the meat pies, only to be locked in with them. Todd finds out the homeless woman had seen one of his murders, so he slits her throat and sends her down. He finds out Lovett had lied to him and the woman was really his wife, who had been driven mad from the poison. He throws Mrs. Lovett into the very same oven used to bake the pies, burning her to death. The boy had witnessed this, so he grabs a razor Todd previously dropped, ready to kill him. Todd is aware of the boy, so he holds his head up, ready for his throat to be slit, as he had nothing left to live for. The boy grants his wish, ending the movie.

Overall, the way this movie captured me, I have to give it a 9.9/10, due to the blood not having enough realism.