Vampires Suck is yet the latest attempt at trying to make a successful and fulfilling spoof movie that will make people laugh and make you want to watch it over and over again , now i disagree with that , i honestly think nobody will remember this movie in about a year , its to dumb to remember for Anyone’s sake , its just plan dumb and stupid. Which is well what you should no that your in for in a spoof related movie about “Twilight”. The actors in this movie were “Exceptional” for lack of a better word , there was some very mild but yet weak chemistry between the two spoof characters “Edward Sullen” (Matt Lanter) and Newcomer “Becca” played very funny by (Jenn Proske) with some help from “Jacob White” (Christopher N. Riggi). In this comedy that takes place in Sporks a comedy rip-off of where the real twilight took place. The Basic setting as you would come to know is the basis of all vampire films in the past couple years setting up spoofs of Twilight and True Blood.

The story sets up as every twilight film does Becca (Proske) is being sent to live with her sheriff father who can’t get a grip that his little girl is growing up. She is being forced to live with him , because her mother went off the live with “Tiger Woods”. Once she gets there she makes Jacob White (Riggi) who is just madly in love with Becca , but she does not know it. She attends school where she meets some new friends , and also has her first encounter with the one they call “Edward Sullen” who is very promiscuous and nobody talks to. He is pale and has a constipated look. O and who has also never made it to first base. He has a liking for Becca because she is the only girl whose mind he can’t read. So he does whatever he can to win over her affection , ok that is pretty much the whole basis , if you have seen Twilight then you would know what the plot it , just with some more funnier jokes , and basic spoof tactics. 

The directing duo , who were behind such “GREAT! movies” , Date Movie , Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer they just do not know when to quit , they must feel the need every year to make a spoof movie of everything. LIke next year we have been warned that they are taking aim at 3D movies. Which that should be interesting. The movie is shocking because it has achieve some money and people did go and see it. The Acting in the film was another major surprise Jenn Proske (Becca) was an exception as to why the film gets the review that i am giving it. She was perfectly casted as the freenzy , dramatic , suicidal , Becca , she plays every min exactly the wayKristen Stewart did in the real twilight , it was actually quite funny to watch. Matt Lanter was also another exception , you may recognize him from Disaster Movie , but he also did another modest and entertaining attempt at Edward Cullen who is really played by Robert Pattinson. 

Overall Vampires Suck , is going to be hated and called dumb and the worst film of this year and Decade , but im not leaning toward that side of the audience. I found the movie funny in “Moderation” at times , this movie is not perfect but yes i do say Rent It, Do not go out and waste money on the film for now. Its not a skip it. But the film in a year or two will be forgotten and mainly for that is , most people do not want to watch or either remember watching this movie , Which i do not blame them. This goes against my better judgement in saying that i am giving the film a mild recommendation. That is only because like i said its better then most recent satire additions to a series of films that are dead , and hopefully , Someday soon the series will be saved by another comedy like “Airplane” or something or another like the Naked Guns. I feel that day coming but for now , you can Rent Vampires Suck when it makes its way DVD.





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