Directed by Alexandre Aja

Starring Elisabeth Shue

Much better than i would have originally thought. The violence factor is so high you’ll be clenching something. Not much else to say. If your looking for performances on an oscar caliber i’ll fight you any day of the week on protesting this as worthy, quite the contrary, feeble. However, Piranha 3-D does better the last outing Piranha: the Spawning directed by James Cameron. By a boat length.

The violence is the reason to see this movie, which is gosh darn high, I found myself in blood thirsty delight. Not to condone violence. But i get so tired with these movies that come out promising high end violence then i see it and they’re is only a scene or two. Not this show, this movie is hard R; the kind of stuff they need to be putting back in the theaters in a hurry.

They’re are over a dozen scenes that are keepers here. I don’t want to spoil what works. I’ll allow you the chance to see it fresh, and then you tell me what you thought worked. Otherwise, swim at your own risk…