Get ready for an epic thrill ride as Sylvester Stallone brings you the fourth installment of one of the best film franchises in the world.

This thrilling new chapter follows John Rambo(Stallone) as he is recruited by a team of missionaries to protect them during a humanitarian aid effort for the persecuted Korean people of Burma. But when the missionaries are taken prisoner by Burmese soldiers, Rambo must now take on a second impossible job, find and rescue the missionaries in the midst of a civil war.

The acting in this film is simply fantastic, the actors really know how to make you feel the emotions of the characters during the really intense, and dramatic scenes. This film could not have put together a better cast.

Whether it’s with terrific acting, fantastic directing, or great writing, or a combination of the three, Stallone really knows how to make a fantastic movie. The editing and background music are even phenomenal in this film.

Overall, Rambo is an exciting, intense, and all out great film. The quality, acting, direction, editing, everything about this movie is simply brilliant and is  definitely not a waste of time to see so please, if you haven’t yet, go see this film, you will not be disappointed, i promise you.