Piranha 3D believe it or not has earned some hype in this summer season , originally scheduled for an April 16th release date the studio decided to move it back into August because it was there biggest movie , and well they needed to make money. I gotta say i am impressed at this film , the gore is on high , as along with the body count , and the “Boob” count. I believe the director (Aja) is gonna break some records in this film. I have never seen so much blood shed ever in a movie , and in 3D no how. But this movie was converted but it was shot for 3D so you know the shot that was converted was for 3D and knowing it was gonna be converted not like the crummy Clash of the titans that came out earler this year. The film stars Jerry O’ Connell , Elizabeth Shue , Ving Rhames , and a nice opening cameo appearance in the opening sequence by Richard Dryfuss , who is pretty much playing his character he played in Jaws (Matt Hopper).

The Movie starts off nice and easy , we see (Dryfuss) fishing on a boat with beer as his anchor , when suddenly he drops one of them which is just enough push to open up a huge underwater cave where well creatures lurk , and where they have been for “Millions of years”. (Spoiler) they pretty much mutilate him to bits , and they use him as a rag-toy. Well its Spring Break and Lake Victoria is having there annual spring break celebration , the Beer is on high as are the teens , and the security is up tight. Jake Forester (Steven R. McQueen) the son of the Sheriff (Elizabeth Shue) , There he meets Derrick Jones (O ‘ Connell) he is a director for a girls gone wild kind of thing and he recruits Jake so he can show them around a bit. But after huge Sizemic activity in the underground water , attracts attention of some major seismologists. After sending two companions down to check out the cave they get something they did not bargain for , PIRANHA’S lots and lots of PIRANHA’S. The sheriff declares an issue of emergency but the kids do not listen , and well they get more then what they bargain for as the Piranha’s start attacking civilians and eating them whole , the sheriff must do everything they can to save as many people as they can. 

The story in this movie , needed a little more development then what it had , because having a strict running time of 90mins the movie goes way to fast , but that can also be a good thing , We really did not care about half the people they were maimed to bits , or were brutally murdered by the prehistoric salmon. But see like you said when you have the run time that you have you kind of have to squeeze what you can into one movie , but its ok. For what the movie is a bloody , gruesome all out fun fest of a film then yea its a good film , its not spectacular and it did not live up to all my expectations , and the movie is also predictable , you can pretty much say whats gonna happen , i did but at times (considering about a split second before the credits) that was shocking. There are things that did pop out and catch me off guard which takes alot. 

The acting in this film , was a little cheesy and corny for my taste at times i was annoyed buy how cheesy the dialogue was , but like i said , that is what this movie is a cheap B-Movie horror film , but still a mist all that you can’t help yourself but have fun i know i did , in all the rambunctious stuff that was going , You really do not care. I Did like (O Connell here) he was the selfish porn director even tho , his boat and his women are being attack and killed by killer fish all he still cared about was his dick , and his money shot of girls boobs hanging out. He also had some great one liners in here to , such as Ving Rhames who has a great one-liner as he dismantles a motor boat engine and lets it run wild on a batch of killer piranha. It’s the stuff like that that makes the movie more fun , and why i say you should see the movie. 

Overall the film no is not perfect , does it live to its original? yes it does , because back then i do not think they had the technology to pull off half the stuff they did in this film, the 3D is fun , not great , the killer fish coming at you was great , and makes you jump , its like Jaws on crack , or if jaws had babies this is what the babies would look like. The Visuals could have been better , but i do not mind looking at gigantic boobs in 3D all day , so this move should also answer every guy fantasy , blood and boobs , it seems like the perfect combination. But this is not for everyone , if you do have a weak stomach, i suggest highly you might want to stay away from this movie , but beside all that How Fast Can You Swim?





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