“Scott Pilgrim” Vs. the world , from the poster can be mis-leading , Most people (without seeing the trailer) are assuming this is another rock and roll comedy iis it? No its the exact opposite , The way this movie shines like no other movie we have seen this summer , its fun energetic and Imaginative. But thats what disappointed me , You would think with all that it would have been better?. The film was good in the sense of fanboys. If your a huge fanboy (which in some cases i am) this movie you will probably die for. The film takes place in Toronto Canada , which is a quaint little home town , where everyone knows everyone. The film stars Micheal Cera , Anna Kendrick , Mary Elizabeth Winstead Chris Evans , The type of film i want to classify this as is more of a Comedy/Action type of film with a video game satire. 

Scott Pilgrim is about “Scott” who is caught between the worlds of two women and he is a bass guitarist for a band called “Sex Ba-Bomb” which is just a lonely little Garage band. He is currently dating a High Schooler who is “17!” as opposed to his “22” so everyone is not letting him forget about hoe stupid he is. But after a sudden dream he realizes that there is another girl he maybe falling for. Her name Is Ramona Flowers (Winstead) she is an uptight out of his league Babe , that changes her hair color every week and half. He does everything he can in order to win her approval and so they can date. But it is not going to be that easy. He first must have to defeat Ramona’s first evil ex-boyfriends. Which Involve (Old Boyfriend) (a skater slash actor) (Twins) (A girl) (a vegan who can’t handle himself) (and the G-man). 

The thing i really enjoyed in this movie was how random and Spontaneous things happened. With “Random” Subtitles and old music from classic games , and the feel of originality. But see despite all of that the movie was lacking , even tho with a strict running time of 112mins the movie still felt like with all that was happening it went by to fast. Which is majorly disappointing. And pretty much like every movie in its Genre its predictable but that was not really the problem. The Problem was that the movie has so much going on it probably will leave with you head pains. But i heard a group of kids outside the screening i was at say “Imagine watching this movie when your high” i’m gonna have to agree with that , Imagine doing that.

Edgar wright reprises his Directorial skills. He directed one of my favorite films “Hot Fuzz” & “Shaun Of The Dead” both great movies. He is a good storyteller but i feel he was not as equipped or ready. To take on a role like this. I mean taking on the reigns of this classic comic book , that everyone knows about. Yes that can be challenging. But i have to give it to him i laughed on almost the whole thing some of the material that he was given he ran with it , and made it his own. The authenticity of some of the action sequences were fantastic and could really blow you away. There are fun moments such as the “Pee Bar” sudden subtitles across the screen. and Lightning Bolts dazzling as the band “Sex Ba-Bomb” is playing there music. This is not your average movie. 

Overall i have to say tho this movie has its moments of pure goodness that i loved it also was also disappointing , The movie flows , but it flows in a bad way. But i did laugh alot at this movie , for more than enough for me to recommend its about 5 points higher than a rent it. its fun , you should be entertained , its worthy of your time and money. Like i said it was imaginative. Which can always be good for what a movie goes for. The movie distracts you from what the movie is doing or where it is going. Micheal Cera gives it his best but i could see at times that he was not really trying and he was bored which well i would understand doing this movie could be tiering. Edgar Wright did the best job that he could , but i also feel that was lacking. but this movie like i have been rambling on is “super” funny. This movie makes me want to break old Nintendo 64 just for the fun of it.





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