The Expendables is the latest addition to the Action genre that well after this movie shows us there is hope for this Genre , it brings back distant memories seeing a cast this potential and this massive and i want you to tell me that you hated this movie , You got Sylvester Stallone , Jason Statham , Jet Li , Dolph Lundgren , Terry Crews , Randy Couture , & Micky Rourke , and then throw in a very nice but breif , Cameo Apprentice by Arnold Schwarzenegger & Bruce Willis you got a cast that you can’t love. The action scenes are explosive and extremely entertaining , and just flat out fun , I believe this is the most fun you may possibly have at the movies this summer , It will also keep your heart pumping out till you can’t give no more. But the film was predictable as most action movies are , and if you are going into this film for the Storyline instead of the action , well needless to say your going to be extremely Disappointed

The Plot in this film is a group of Mercenaries called the Expendables , There not your CIA or Navy Seals there the opposite they are called upon in need of a job being done. And after a Hostage bust Somalia to hault Pirates Execution of Hostages , Then comes along a little unknown person whose name is not disclosed fully , but he does call himself “Mr. Church” (Willis) who has a job proposition to go to Vilena to kill the General Garza which Barney (Stallone) accepts. So Barney and Lee (Statham) go to Vilena to scope out the place and to see what is going on , but only to find out its not the General Garza who is the person to worry about but non-other then James Monroe (Eric Roberts) is the one that should be killed. He is the one behind all the operations , so this sends the team to Vilena and plans to reak Havoc and go on a murderous rampage against the men and army of that facility.

The film what really worked for me was the performances they were not perfect in anyway there is gonna be no Oscar Nominations in there future , but they do give an effort , The directing aspect you must be able to respect because the director of this film? yes you guessed it Sylvester Stallone , Who if i may say is getting a little to old to be going out in the action biz like this. But as i say the tone of this film is not to dark or is not to bleak i feel its just about right other then some minor plot development issues i feel at some times the story kind of rushed into things but i really started loving this movie around the 30 min mark , i could not hold myself to jump up and scream and cheer when the brutal mayhem and Bloody massacre was going on in the climax. 

The Visuals were pretty “great” to if i may say i did enjoy the aspect very much , the cinematography was great to , the views in the Ruins of some of the broken towns in this film was spectacular. This is also another main reason that you should cherish this movie for what is , thats another thing about this movie it does not distract from the fact it does not want to be anything else , it wants to be an action movie with a one of a kind cast , that keeps you coming back for more and more , and if i must say i would love to come back for more , in the sequel (hopefully) But non-other , the visuals in the background were stunning , and you should very much appreciate them because i don’t think they get any better then this unless the name of this movie was Avatar then yes maybe i could i understand. 

In closing , or overall , i can honestly say that i did love this movie not for the plot , and mainly not for the directing , but for the action , if you are in desperate need of an action movie now in Hollywood where the genre is lacking , the Expendables is your movie , it does not distract or loose your attention for 100mins it has , the plot development could have been better but its what you would come to expect from this kind of movie. The cast is stunning as i have been saying , the stuff they pull of in this movie is completely Implausible but by then when that stuff happens you are already immersed into the movie , and you just seem to go with it i know i did , but for the most part who really cares , the Expendables is Spectacular from start to a very explosive finish. 





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