Holy Shit. Darren Aronofsky’s newest film is a beautiful-looking trippy thriller that seems to have an Oscar-winning role for Natalie Portman. With the story being “intriguing with a quiet, slow burn.” (scriptshadow.blogspot.com). The movie looks amazing and seems to be ungodly creepy. And for the men in the audience who don’t like too great of thrillers and are on a one-track mind (aren’t we all?), here is the selling point: Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman have sex. Yes, and it isn’t like middle-school level of sensuality, it is like two rapists who just came from S.A. kind of aggressiveness. So it is a necessity to see this movie regardless of the reasoning.

Problems: It is too slow at times, and people, unless they are appreciative of the way people film things and would love to see a creative, long scene from one of the best directors (me, for example), then you would not like some of the film. But, I think that this is not too big of a problem because the finale… shit, 95% of the movie is AMAZING.

Bottom Line: A+. Creepy trailer with some fantastic music in the background composed by the greatest man in Hollywood, and Aronofsky’s go-to guy, Clint Mansell.