The Other Guys



Adam Mckay


Will Ferrel Mark Wahlberg

Easily the funniest movie of the summer. Next to the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE which came out in the fall this unexpected romp is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike the atrocious COPOUT this satire goes beyond the call of duty and is a crossbred of looney tunes meets LETHAL WEAPON.

I am not a fan of comedies because they are so hard to get right, and action comedies are damn near impossible to get right. Anyone who has seen MCGRUBER knows that if you fail in one part of the action/comedy dynamic you usually screw it all up.

When a  pair of seemingly indestructible hero’s learn the hard way that they can’t cheat physics. It is up to the replacements to take down the baddies. Brandishing their own skill set including the ability to melt womens hearts and take down white collar scum this dynamic duo kicks butt while battling their chief who moonlights as a bed and bath and beyond sales rep.

Hopefully i didn’t give away too much this is a movie you should experience minus any spoilers. Don’t wait for dvd. See this with a crowd.