Collin Farrell is Doug Quaid married to Lori (Kate Beckinsale), a normal and ordinary guy stuck in a boring job, plagued by repetitive nightmarish dreams. Hearing of a company called ‘Rekall’ Doug is drawn to the mysterious capabilities of having any fantasy his heart desires implanted into his memories; problem is it triggered a series of strange events making his nightmares a reality where he begins to question what is real and what isn’t.

This futuristic action thriller is a modern take on the 1990s ‘Total Recall’ by Paul Verhoeven which featured actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Director Len Wiseman defiantly made a wise decision in constructing a film that has more of a dark and serious plot in comparison to the previous ‘Total Recall’ which contained more comedic elements. What I admired about this film was the VFX, the dedication made towards creating unimaginable and surrealistic locations and gadgets was successful in creating a world that reflected the future. The robots in the film had a type of intimidating persona about them, in design they looked slender but; were dangerous and robust, it’s like they had a type of character to them which made them almost life like.

Kate Beckinsale who stars as Lori plays a convincing role of being the two faced, unpredictable wife of Doug Quaid, I have to say the British accent definitely gives her character an edge and the fight sequences are remarkable; I was purely entertained through-out the film. In the very beginning the 360 degree shot of Collin Farrell fighting the police made me feel like I was in the movie, the impact in the result of the shot was affective in grasping my attention and keeping me captivated.

Another interest I attained from the film was that the contemporary design of London in the future, London in the present day can be stereotyped as:  dark, gritty and cold but is exaggerated to another level, which I found quite humorous being that London in the future portrayed a dark, gritty and cold atmosphere and let’s not forget the rain aswell which stands by one of London’s stereotypes.

Over all I feel this film is packed with loads of action and adventure, one thing I don’t understand is how the scene of a women with three breasts would account for a 12A certificate; its beyond me, it left audience members in gasps not to mention a few in giggles, but partial nudity is warned if you do bring youngsters to this movie which I did think was unnecessary, however; I would recommend this film as a must see being that It was a successful re-make, definitely worth the watch, I believe it’s a total eye grabber.