Canadian Bacon, The Big One, Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, Sicko, Slacker Uprising. Michael Moore has a very nice resume of films here, and with the addition of Capitalism: A Love Story, he truly shows that his career is a majestic view to any watcher. From his best, most captivating documentaries (my favorite was Bowling for Columbine) to his worst, most stubborn ones (Sicko), Michael Moore still shows that WHENEVER he wants to, he can make a damn good movie about any single thing that is happening in society.

Capitalism: A Love Story is about how big business are effecting the lives of every-day Americans (non government workers) and even politicians. Possibly his best interviews are included in this chronicling of how the government’s near collapses cause millions of Americans to be hurt, and how the uplifting messages of hope (no, not Obama’s hope) of the nation to be stronger and to renew itself turned their lives back towards the line of normalcy.

Best Aspects: The interviews were great, and Michael Moore ranting in front of big business buildings, telling it how it is truly makes me happy since if what he’s saying isn’t effecting you, his speaking is, because Michael Moore will rant for years if you don’t give in.

Bottom Line: A. Great film, his second best (maybe even tied for best) film to date.