The Other Guys is another film in this summer that is a huge Lack-luster that really does not amount to anything , sure you and your friends are probably gonna be laughing about this movie for ages to come , but it will not be remembered as the greats such as “Anchorman” , “Talladega Nights” and “Step Brothers”. The film starts Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg , They were actually pretty Damn funny as the leads in this movie , tho i do feel there outstanding talents were ultimately wasted and could have been better. The goofy and satire humor can really take away from the potential such as this film to be great. This PG13 rated comedy , is probably the least entertaining comedy of the summer , or is one , but i found myself laughing at some of the major plot points of the movie. Which is more than enough for me to recommend this movie , I enjoyed this movie in moderation , Now as oppose to the general audience i have no idea. 

Allen Gamble (Ferrel) and Terry Hoitz (Whalberg) , there not your average cops per-say. They are the “Other Guys” that look up to the big cops that get to go out and have all the fun P.K Highsmith (Samuel Jackson) & Christopher Danson (Dwayne Johnson) there the big stuff , they catch the bad guys , and make them pay , but after a bank robbery goes bad , the two lead detectives jump off a building at there own will in order to stop it. After this happens the police office is not up for graps and Hoitz feels that they need to get into the game and take there place , after being completely Ridiculed and Mocked for his mistaken act in shooting Derek Jeter on accident , He is now the laughing stock of the whole office , But with a sudden chance to take down a big corporate scam headed by David Ershon (Steve Coogan) , Its time for the Other Guys to step up , With huge explosions , and Allen’s wife Shelia (Eva Mendes) the other guys seems to twist and turns at certain edges. 

In the other guys something i really enjoyed was the score , i know it may seem weired but the incredible backround music was actually pretty good , the slow jazz vibe feeling was really soothing and fun. The directing here also by (you guessed it?) Adam McKay this would be the fourth collaboration between the dynamic Duo , (Ferrel & McKay) i feel as i stated this movie was lacking and maybe in the direction that this film was going , McKay does know what he is doing behind the camera and for that it makes it an ok satisfying movie. There are brief scenes were you could tell the directing aspect was in fact taken seriously , But is it enough to save the movie from itself?. I do feel also that if this movie were to be directed by someone , it would probably have to be Adam McKay.

The Performances in this film were great , the overall outcome , and the hilarity one-liners from both Ferrel and Whalberg , with also there was great supporting work from, Micheal Keaton (who has another job at Bed Bath & Beyond and is trying to put his Bisexual son through college so he can become a DJ) But its Whalberg here who really steals the show and takes it beyond what it was , i enjoyed all of his straight face crude-ass remarks , that were insulting but you can tell he is doing it for laughs so you know they don’t want you to take it serious so you don’t feel bad laughing at the huge mediocrity. Also Eva Mendes the leading lady in this satire who is the only lady for that matter other then maybe 10 or 15 , but its ok its all about the “Other Guys” which is all we care about. 

My overall Reaction of the film i can say is well yes i do recommend it , But not as strong and uplifting as i hoped but granted the movie has its moments were yes you are laughing and you cant hold youself to believe it. The quality of the film could have been better its not the best comedy of the summer. But it also i don’t feel is the worst yes it is lacking in major areas but thats ok , its not as bad as you would consider it to be. The tone and feel , pays great Homage to the buddy-cop genre , i do think this is what Kevin Smith was trying to acquire with his previous move Cop Out and Failed Miserably. But its all fine , this was a fairley decent way to kick off the last month in this summer filled with laughs , but laughs that wont keep us coming back for more and more. Do what you want do not let me stop you Other Guys should entertain you but if you have high-hopes i would dimmer them down just a little. 





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