Dinner For Schmucks for some , may come of as a lazy-hazy lame screwball comedy , and for me?.. some of the parts were , but then there were parts where i found myself dieing of laughter , i could not keep it in , long enough for me to burst out laughing. The movie is widely Medoicre and has many flaws throughout the whole movie. But this movie does have a crazy sense of humor , and a nice alternative back plot to some of the characters in the film , that we don’t know , its also good that they do in fact explain that to us , because for us , some of the audience might be lost in whats going , but see a film like this, you really should not have to think about what is going on. You should be able to just feel the need to laugh , more than once i hope. Schmucks is laid back humor that should satisfy most comedy fans.

The Chemistry between the leads is there , you could not ask for better leads , you get Paul Rudd , who is fantastic here , as the likable lead who is doing his best to get his promotion. Then we get the wacky , dumb , idiotic , but yet sweet and likable Barry. But i don’t want to go into detail about that right now. Some may also find this movie a little bit more offensive then other people may because , at times i did feel sorry for the Schmucks that were getting put to the test at becoming biggest idiot. It did feel Cruel. But Carrel is such a likable Schmuck , as in come on we know he is stupid , that you don’t feel bad laughing at him , and his major stupidity. He is just as his co-star quotes in the movie he is a tornado of Destruction. 

Another thing in the movie , that the cast is just great , you got a very funny Zack Galfiniakis in a very funny co-starring role , as the magician who can read minds , and clams he can make your brain his puppet. But another thing that really astounds me here. Is the stuff the crew , producers got away with , this movie was barley PG13 rated , some of the sexual references here were pretty crude , and the language was pretty toned up as well. But this movie was just barley an R rating you could just kind of tell. Which is a thing that begs me to ask the question why did not you just go for the gold and get an R rating that , maybe would have helped its cause a little bit and made it the slightest more funny. 

The Story here , at a big corporate equity firm , called Fender Financial , Tim (Rudd) needs a promotion , so he can support him and his future wife. But there is a catch , here , once a month Fender (Greenwood) hosts a dinner party , where everyone on the “7th” floor brings an idiot to dinner to make fun of them , and whoever is the biggest idiot of the night , well is awarded biggest idiot of the night. Now Tim has a problem , he does not have an idiot , and at a better time you could not ask for Barry (Carrel) to show up and get hit buy his car. Then Tim finds the solution = Barry. But his girlfriend feels , that he should not do it. So what does Tim do? , he invites him to Dinner. But after that it seems that Tim , can not get Rid of him. It seems no matter what he does , he just can’t get rid of him. 

Acting was actually better than what you would think , Carrel was a major asset in bringing this movie to life. Rudd was also very clever , and kind of major also , But there was also great supporting work here , by the very famous and funny stand up comic , known for his many puppets Jeff Dunham , it was good to see him in a movie it has been awhile anyway , then the role of Therman Murch , played by the mind controlling Zack Galifianakis , who is always determined to beat Barry at everything , there is also a huge plot detail between the two about , “You can eat my Pudding” but you guys can find that out. Then RonLivingston who is also a worker drone here its kind of funny , cuz i saw him this movie , as just the same dude from Office Space,

Director Jay Roach , who brought us other very funny , very whimsical films such as Meet The Parents and Meet the Fockers where again those movies were funny as along with the Austin Powers series. He knows what he is doing in this movie which is for me? more than enough to recommend it. He knows what he is doing , and he does not try to hard to make us all laugh and to giggle. More than once , he knows how to cast the right pair of leads for his movie. I do believe that half this movie was probably improvised because the leads are so talented at what they do. Which either can make or break a movie for the fact of what it is. 

The Visuals here i really can’t say much other than the fact , they were ok , in a movie like this the visuals are not really necessary , as opposed to Inception where the visuals are. I Do not think people will be to bored at this movie , or to distracted , in order to pay that much attention , but the scenes (including opening & closing credits) there are snip-its show of Barry Making his little Mouse Creations because he is a taxidermist. Which they are pretty fun to look at for about 3-5mins however long the opening credits are. But other than that there really is not anything to brag about , other then where the Dinner for “Winners” takes place at Fenders estate , that is a pretty nice dining if i do say so myself. 

Overall , most comedies now a days they just do nothing but try and try to make you laugh , but for this movie , they don’t. Dinner For Schmucks is a little light on the story and a little Heavy on the Humor. But those are this movies greatest strengths , and what not. Acting Good , Visuals ok , the film was “Funny” not hilarious! Granted there were Major moments in this film where you will die of laughter , well i would hope so. Its not awesome or anything like that. Im not gonna sugar coat this movie , it is what it is. Which is for the most part all i can say. Overall i do say see this movie , its Genuine , has a crazy sense of humor. But it does have a 110 min running time which there are moments in the film where you can tell they are just draggin it along , also it does not try to make you laugh , it does it on its own. Dinner For Schmucks i do not believe is the best comedy of the summer i have seen , (We Still Got August) but i do believe its something to pay your money and go See.. 





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