One of the most antcipated movies of the year has finally hit the big-screen Christopher Nolan , has well i would not say; done it again , he really did out-do himself here in this film. This is no way better than the Dark Knight. This movie is so Original and with the lack of that in today’s Hollywood business , We Crave so much more originality then what we are being offered. Inception does just that make us appreciate movies like “inception” that much more. I Was not in love with this movie as much as i was for Dark Knight another Chris Nolan Film. But this movie confines us to another world , and places well that you could have imagined. Some people or most people are praising this movie for its in -depth look into how the mind works. I’m not praising this movie , i’m i recommending this? Hell Yes.

This movie is truly a work of art , its just a shame when you face the facts this movie is not as good as everyone is living it up to be , granted this is a good movie , But the movie @ times can be a little complex to handle , Which for some movies cases that can be a good thing and for Inception yes it works. This movie is like your mind it will play tricks on you and begin to make you wonder if your ever in a dream or not. This movie has done just that. But i know (and forgive me here) i had a sort of Nightmare on Elm Street vibe going on here , people going into other people’s dreams? i don’t know. Maybe , But the way this movie feels so real , and open minded you do not get that much today in Hollywood. In today we get maybe 2 or 3 original films a year well maybe worth watching. 

You need to pay your mind attention to this movie if you don’t i guarantee you will miss something. I Can be almost positive that i missed something after seeing this movie , i know i need to see this again , because this movie requires and Demands Multiple viewings upon further look. The way the story unfolds is kind of like Clockwork , in a way, If you really need to think about it. The aspects and the grasp of this movie also on occasion can be to hard for anyone to handle , which is cause for lack of Enjoyment , which also (forgive me) happened toward the middle , the movie did kind of slow down and did for mere seconds lost my attention to something , also at main points it was Leonardo DiCaprio that made this movie his , his performance was so awe-struck powerful i don’t even no?.

The Story here you can’t really explain without giving away to much of the graphic detail , which could take away from going to see this movie. The main aspect of the film , there is an elite squad of men , or a team , they go into people’s dreams to either take or in some cases plant ideas into peoples heads , Like building a city , or a national monument. There are many rules in order to stay in the dream world (Ect.) if you get shot or killed you wake up , if your falling back in a chair it will wake you up. There are many many , things that are needed to explain in order to understand this movie. I Do not want to give to much away. Like i said to complex to handle , and confusing. 

I Wish i could tell you more but i do not want to , i want you to figure it out just as i did. 

The Acting here was Top-notch state of the are perfect , you could not ask for a better cast Leo DiCaprio leads in his performance that could leave you in tears. He is what makes this film what it is. I Swear he still remains my favoriteactor today and this is why. He makes you feel immersed inside of him , when he is dreaming or is in the real world. Then you also got great supporting work from Ellen Page as the new skeptical Architect (whom at which i can not explain) Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also fantastic , but who really stood out for me as my favorite character was Tom Hardy’s Smart – Mouth funny one – linerEames he was good also. Then also Cillian Murphey , Micheal Cain. And another female lead who i do not want to give away. Like i said hard to talk about this movie without giving stuff away.

Christopher Nolan is once again as always Brilliant as the director behind this film , with the likes of Memento , Dark Knight i believe he stands as one of the great story-tellers or our generation , he really knows how to grasp certain aspects , and make you wonder and think what is really happening. Is it reality or not?. If you ask yourself that; Then the director is clearly doing his job. He also came up with the idea Inception , which is always smart & Clever. You know going into a chris nolan feature film your going to be amazed or mind blown which ever one works for you. But even tho i was not amazed or Mind blown in this movie. He still suits me as one of the best directors of our time. 

Visuals were another must. They were not as great as i suspected them to be. They were , don’t get me wrong great , and willing , and made you want to get more inside the mind of the person that created the visuals , but i was like wow or amazed as i was with Ex: Avatar. Yes they were very amazing , or incredible if you will , but not awe-struck. The CGI in this movie is also another thing that really stands out , tho this movie is completely Fiction. This movie with how great and eye-catching the effects are. Makes you seriously think if this movie was real or not you never really no. But you can clearly tell they put all the effort they good in making this special one of a kind film. 

Overall this movie is a masterpiece if you can get past the minor flaws this movie has , the performances , the acting , the directing , and visuals were all you could say Groundbreaking?. Its not as good as i thought it was going to be. But good enough for me to probably buy it on DVD. Which is probably what i will do. This movie should not be skipped. This film does deserve some Oscar noms. But will it get any? i have no idea. But this movie is truly genuine and original. And im glad that i saw it. Tho as i said its Complex and Confusing. It still makes for fun-wild ride , that takes you on a journey , that only Chris Nolan can take you. I Would grab my tickets no and get ready to get mind-blown and make your way to see Inception.





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