The new Predators “Reboot” o what better not say that they want to call it a sequel to the franchise i refuse to believe that , with a summer injected with remakes , spin-offs and sequels , despite the wonderful Toy Story 3. Predatorsyou could say when it started it seemed like a breath of fresh air. This movie starts out so sudden and quick we don’t even know what the hell is going on. All you see is Adrian Brody falling from the sky. Granted it does have an affect on you. Because it comes at you unexpected, and for a min there it works , in a way. But beside that like i said there is no start to this movie really?. We get no greater in-depth look into the lives of this characters , who for the most part we do not even find out there name. But i’m sure they have them. The film keeps you somewhat on the edge of your seat the whole time. But i still think it may not be enough to go see in Theaters

This film comes from Robert Rodriguez who brought us such films as Spy Kids , and Grindhouse. He is under alot of pressure here if he does not want to piss off the fan base of this movie to much , but likely stated this is not a remake. Well it mine as well be. It feels like a reboot , i did not find anything different from this movie then the previous. (AND do not count Alien Vs. Predator as a movie!) But there are some Blood hound dogs in this movie , that were different , and we get a little bit of an edge on the predators , and who they are & why they hunt and prey on the living , its like a “Game” to them in some purpose they do it mainly for the fun of it.

The tone of this film and the feel of this film does have a nice vibe , i did like it when it first 15-20 mins when the movie was just starting out , it made u jump and interested into this characters. But that is another flaw in this movie, No Character development , I mean yea there are little background into the lives of this people , like we know one is a doctor (with a secret) which really comes as a sudden surprise to me , the fact Topher Grace but thats another part of this review. You do feel sorry for the most part into this characters , you are rooting for them , but chances are things may not turn out the correct way. When all is said and done the film ends on what seems to be a high note , but yet i felt cheated out of my money when i was leaving , with the most anti-climatic song running from the end credits to this Bloody film. 

The Story here is simple a group of well trained human beings , who well know what they are doing are set stranded on what seems to be a jungle , but really is another planet. What they don’t know is what is on the planet beside them. They think this is just them , but really there is another species and this is species is not human its called the predator. And every season they capture and conquer Humans and release them into this wild amphibious jungle. For the fun of it , they always come in three , the Infamous Predator Mr. Black who is basically for the most part there leader. The “Flusher” predator who is the one the control the blood-hunger hounds that is an asset to capturing the humans. & The Classic Predator , you see there are two types of predators but i don’t want to go into detail mainly cause i do not want to spoil it. 

The acting here was ok it could have been better , i felt that the role of Edwin the doctor (Topher Grace) was under casted at first but then as the movie progressed on , i was really stunned you could see emotions in his face , and he had a good one-liner here and there which got some laughs at the screening i was at. Adrian Brody was also another major asset surprise for the film , he helped the film move along , He plays Royce an American Ex-Solider now turned Mercenary. Which is somewhat cool if you get the chance to think about it. Now together also with the help of the only Female in this movie Isabelle (Alica Braga) who for the female the only one has to hold this movie all on her own which can be pretty difficult , considering in the predecessors there really was never a female protagonist.

The Directing here was decent , now this was a shocked to me when i found this out , that Robert Rodriquez was not gonna be the infamous director behind this movie. i mean really? , but no the guys name is Nimród Antal who directed the likes of Vacancy and the wildly mediocre Armored. Hence maybe why he cast Laurence Fishbourne as another lead cameo appearance. But he has alot of work to do if he wants to keep the franchise going , he really needs to know what he is doing , and after directing Armored which was a flop , and it was stupid , i would not know how this movie will stand above and beyond the rest of the Predator movies , or for the fact other movies this summer. He has alot of pressure under his belt if he wants to keep this perfect which he did not. Another Flaw to this movie. 

Now a rather better thing for this movie , which maybe all it had , the stunning yet groundbreaking Visuals , which were pretty neat , the CGI and everything could really hide the authenticity in this movie’s main background , Now you will be shocked to know that not alot of CGI was used for this movie , which i found to be shocking , the sets you are seeing , were real they were not a green screen , at all for the entire shooting day period of this movie , which also surprises me. I do not why. But that is manly what it is that may be making me recommend it for the Visuals which would be sad but the movie does have some modest and redeemable moments throughout the film. But this Visuals is what may make up for the movies Many Many flaws. the Director andProducers , really know how to wonder your eyes i see the weird planet as a messed up version of Alice In Wonderland , but that would be taking things way to far. 

In Overall this film , generates some positive moments , and its safe to say , i would not maybe recommend going and spending a ton of cash to see this movie , Tho at times the movie has parts where i was glad i did see it on the big-screen but it was nothing really different if i would have saw it on the small screen , it was fun energetic , and keeps a fast moving pace , it was good , not awesome or anything for the most part , decent , and i’m giving it a mild very Mild See it , more towards the rent it , but as for me a predator fan i was so happy and excited to see the predators up on the big – screen , But as i said it may or may not satisfy the predators fans this summer , but then again with the way this summer is turning out , it more then likely will.





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