The Film Eclipse , is another rambunctious film in the most popular series the planet has ever seen. But i have hated the first two films in the saga but this was actually reasonable. It was energetic , optimistic , and full of a lot of melodrama , which is what you would come to expect from Twilight , i was so fortunate enough to see the film @ a midnight screening , needless to say , out of all the 12 theaters there , all them were sold out. The film for me , i had low expectations , which because of the previous installments , you know you can just kind of assume what the film is going to be like , and this is gonna be a main draw to those crowds because now Bella has to choose OMG , is that cause for excitement. All the fans believe that the Twilight films are good or some opinions AWESOME adaptations of the beloved books , that is what is manily drawing the crowds which does not surprise me.

I feel on the matter that this whole series is completely overrated i mean you expect me to believe all the crap this film is simply trying to put into your head i can’t believe it , i mean this huge dilemma between the team Edward , or Team Jacob , i’m undecided on the whole matter its beyond me , why people tattoo there bodies in Twilight Merchandise. But that is not about the film. The acting in this film i guess you could say is credible , the leads did a Farley good job with the material they had to work with. But i just in general feel the overall tone , was kind of dark for the matter i do tho feel that this 3rd installment was by far the most violent , which is what mainly kept awake at the midnight premiere. 

The story here is simple , Now with Bella , Edward reaching closer to their graduation date , which means also that Bella has to become a vampire , in order for her and edward to stay together which means they must leave all her family behind , but Jacob obviously feels very conceded on the matter thats when he shows up with his shirt off almost 98% of the time , which i guess is a new record i do like the fact that also Edward catches on to that Jacob never wears a shirt. Well something bad is happening around them Victoria ? you might know her , well she is back know for revenge against , Edward for killing her only love she wants to kill Bella to make Edward suffer doesn’t that sound familiar?. Umm yes its used in pretty much every movie out there which does not stunn me in anyway. 

Well in the opening sequence of the film , we see a boy who well does not know that he is being recruited but well in general does not know it , a boy named Rylie , who has been cast as the leader of the newborns , who is going to take down the Cullen clan , but ooohhh wait for it , the “clan” is ready for it , haha , they undergo , and an if you will , decent training montage , nothing very important , tho , but with the help of the wolf pack , they stand a grater chance , because they have them as a secret weapon. But with Victoria hot on there trail Edward must do everything he can to protect Bella before she reaches her. Now i will admit , i did actually like the battle sequence at the end , it was pretty good , not amazing , but in did ok. 

It was fun and cool seeing the heads of the vampires riped off , and the wolves with there tough exterior which stands ground for a quaint entertaining final half-hour. But if your only going to see this film because you want to see a fight break out between Edward and Jake , naa do not waste your time chances are that is not going to happen (believe me) i have seen it , and to be honest after the first 15mins of total boredom , i was waiting for a fight to break out , because until about 30-40mins into it , i did not think i could get into it , but remarkable as it is , for a little while or you could just say the 2nd half , i did manage to find some mild enjoyment , in it , i did not help tho the screaming and anxious girls in the theater tho they would weep like crazy every time Jacob would show his luscious body.

Now i thought maybe because of the director i might be a little more intrigued than i was , which according to reports , the next director of Breaking Dawn , does make me a little curious to see it. Director David Slade i believe had no idea what he was getting himself , into , just imagine if people turn out and hate this film , well only one person in general can be blamed , which who is that? o well the director. I Do have to give he credit considering the fact that he has made my overall favorite in the saga (which believe me is not saying much) he does get some credibility , he made this film more humorous than the others , i liked the intentional humor added in small bits of the film it actually helped to make it buy , and i’m not gonna lie i did laugh at those cheep rip-off one-liners. 

The Visuals in the film were not pretty i’m not gonna sugar coat it with anything , but in general yes they were the best of this movie. You do have to appreciate some of that aspect of this movie. It is pretty beatific when you see the blanket of what snow on the screen , in the summer time when it is hotter than sin outside lol. But the director i guess overall has done he research , and knows what he is doing on the matter , and i feel he did a good job with that , which is for me? saying alot because i in general for the most part hate this series. This movie has what the other Twilight films dare to have , an entertaining twist on reality on life. Which you will not find in any other twilight film.

Overall well its not my place to say it , im not a true twi-hard , so i guess what i say really does not matter , anyway this film was good , yes a mild recommendation from me , anyway , i found this movie to be reasonable enjoyable. For pretty much any huge twilight fan , for them this movie will be the next Citizen Kane , but for outsiders (such as myself) who could care less for this series , they will be lost , have no idea , chances are if you are a guy seeing this you were probably dragged there. Anyway for outsiders you will be upset at the concepts of this movie , this film will be a huge hit , just wait and see , but this movie was decent , good not great or AWESOME. This movie is not for the faint of heart , But really? who cares?





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