Well it goes against my better judgement , this movie was ridiculous , Mediocre , dumb , crude , but thats what makes this movie good , the film has a heart and soul. Tho this is not Adam Sandler’s best , his worst is (you dont mess with the zohan). Anyway the story of old childhood pals getting together after years of not seeing one another. You got all the acting Heavyweights in comedy in this film , you got Adam Sandler , Kevin James , David Spade , Chris Rock , Rob Schneider , if your a fan of this guys which most people are (including me) your gonna love this movie , now i did not love the movie , i enjoyed it , i had fun with it. The screening i was at most people were enjoying it also as i was. The comedic timing in this movie was perfect, they would pull of one-liners like no one’s business.

This movie runs a solid slick 102mins which i think is long considering its genre i think 90mins is good but o – well some of the jokes in this movie did not work for me , there were a couple references to OJ Simpson which granted i laughed but after that i realized yea that was bad. They is alot of eye candy in this movie. This film is trying i guess to teach us about life and all the things in it and to enjoy time while you still got it. Also another thing that got me in this movie was the nasty jokes with Rob Schneider’s character’s kind of elderly wife (which is the directors Ex-Wife) which i did not think help the movie at all. 

To be honest with you i’m kind of still stumped as to what the plot was , but i don’t think the audiences going to see this film , matters to them they are gonna go see this movie for all the acting champs Adam Sandler because? he is known in basically every household for the most part. Happy Gilmore , Billy Madison , i don’t think he will be recognized for his work in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan , that movie was just Awful. Now back to the film , In Grown Ups , there what it seems like is 5 different stories going on at once , and your wondering to the point as what is going on , which lets face how most people are now a days. 

People are passing this off as a family comedy? now correct as that may be they me need to be re-considered , some of the humor jokes in this movie , granted yes are more for the “Grown Ups” and i feel kids will be lost and not no what is going on its an IFFY for a certain age groups. Parents should be advised to view the film first before letting there young ones watch it also , there really is not a lot of language her , some minor nudity , and some references and Bodily humor which may need to be taken into some consideration. But the comedic timing of all 5 very talented actors , was amazing i’m pretty sure most of this movie was improv which is what i liked about this movie , and as the audiences is having fun , the cast was having fun also.

Veteran for the most part at directing films such as these Dennis Dugan , who has directed these stars and i don’t know how many movies , he knows what he is doing at bringing to life such a talented cast , i do feel somewhat like that maybe some of the talents were wasted and were just there to make us laugh (Steve Buscemi) but anyways that is not mainly the point here. The cast feels remotely comfortable , this may get some people but for me it worked. I liked that cast was having fun just as the audiences was , which for some movies that can work and then for others it fails into a train wreck (Bounty Hunter). But here and there we make some exceptions , and Grown Ups gets that exception. I have a soft spot for Adam Sandler , which always makes me want to recommend his movies. 

It all started back in 1986 it was the championship game for the 5 gang and they had finally one , and it for the coach it was his first championship team , but now years later, there all grown ups. Living everyday lives live in big houses , drive fancy cars (for the most part) Lenny (Adam Sandler) is a big time Hollywood agent for the big stars. Happily Married to his wife Roxanne Chase-Feder (Salma Hayek) with Kids , that only care about Technology and what not. Then we got the next one Eric (Kevin James) is also married with kids , and a successful owner of a lawn-care company. Then Kirt (Chris Rock) which is better in this , then his dud Death at a funeral. Who is the mother of the household , he cooks he cleans and is married to his new pregnant wife (Maya Rudolph) which we never see the baby even born so i don’t know why they wrote it like that , so she could use her fat stomach for jokes?…

Then the kind of washed up of the bunch Marcus (David Spade) who really has not done anything with his life , well nothing we here anyway , but he is just there mainly to make us laugh , which i loved. Then the last one who we see in every Adam Sandler based film the very funny , very comedic Rob Schneider playing the very corky , the very weird Rob wouldn’t you know?. Who in this film is married to a seemingly older woman. Anyway they are all getting together , to morn the lost of there old Basketball Coach , who were very closed , but we don’t really get to know the coach that well anyway. But once up there they realize how bad they miss there childhood and what to make it the best for there children. 

Filled with so many unexpected surprises Grown ups , really never Grows Up , this movie is good , i enjoyed it , as i think audiences will to , a little vulgar , a little wild , and some male nudity , i don’t think you could go along with this movie , i think audiences will flock to see this movie , because it has common names in it , Dennis Dugan brings us another good movie , which he tends to do .. This movie is what you would come to expect from a Happy Madison production , dumb , completely stupid but hey , that is what makes this movie , this movie , i’m gonna try and be brief here , i feel yes i am rambling on , FUNNY! movie yes go see it , or wait for DVD whatever your choice or poison this movie should not be skipped .. its a lot of fun , and afterwards you may or may not feel the need to one another to Grow Up. 





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