The Film MacGruber you may remember is a little 2mins SNL sketch that in the end every single time they blew up. Well i guess over there at SNL they had a little idea that they would make there little sketch into a movie and well when i heard that , I was a little edgy on the whole thing i was unsure if i wanted they to make a funny sketch into a full length feature film. So i went into this film with very low expectations so maybe thats why i found this ridiculous, and very very funny. Your caught off guard, at many points of the movie , i found myself crying at one part and there were many more scenes after that. The movie feels very original like Hot Tub Time Machine which was Funnier than this , but original plot and i like that. This film moves at a very fast pace at some times , which i guess can be ok the reason this movie is so short because i guess they only had 30 days to make the movie. So at times i was kind of figuring if they were rushing some of the parts. Because they had such a tight schedule to work with , but honestly i couldn’t tell you because i was laughing so hard! 

I’m shocked to as some of the material that the director got away with like with the villains name, which i don’t think i can disclose any of the information into this review anyway, I felt the action mixed with the comedy was very authentic , and clever , some of the jokes it may be possible yes we have heard of that stuff before. This movie you have to pay attention to detail or your gonna miss out on a good movie at the movie theater. I was also actually surprise as to who they had to play the villain Val Kilmer. Who yes is very talented , but it was different seeing him take on this kind of character. The film starts off when this huge X5 missile is stolen after the people taking into its destination is killed. The government needs the best so who are they gonna call MacGruber the guy who makes “Life-saving devices out of household appliances. The infamous and suppose to be dead home making Bomb maker. The government needs him to bring down the man behind stealing the X5 missile or else they world as they know it could be over for good. But MacGruber is behind all of that and doesn’t want to because of what happened to his wife.

But soon after that he realizes that he needs to take revenge on Dieter the man who killed his wife. And he begins to really support of a team with a 100 years of combined Us Army combat. But i don’t want to give away to much of the funny material in this movie. But he needs to assemble another team and thats where we meet Vicki St. Elmo the love interest of the film played with very great comedic talent which would be Kristen Wiig, and his right hand man which is Ryan Phillipe who also shows very well comedic talent in this film. The stealer of the show is really Will Forte as MacGruber i couldn’t honestly seeing anyone else taking on such a great and Funny character. Its very well possible one of the best action comedies i have ever seen. But this movie i must warn you deserved its R Rating this movie was vile and Vulgar and at times unbelievable, see if that movie was not rated R then i don’ know how good the film would have actually been. But yes this movie is very funny and ultimately i was shocked more than i thought i would be. I’m sure other critics are not going find this as funny as i did. 

Like i did say briefly this movie moves at a fast past and it maybe hard to keep with na you should just be fine. Its only 88mins which i’sent a bad running time i feel that time was perfect maybe they could have gotten some more in there but i cant believe after watching the film that it did only take 30 days to make and it with a roughly tight Budget. And i think mainly audiences will get out there and see this movie and maybe i hope make this movie profitable and help make this a very successful movie well i hope i don’t know if audiences are gonna be turn away because of its strong R rating. But in the end when all is sad and done you will be extremely happy you went and saw the film, you just cant understand what I’m saying when it comes to how funny and crude and flat out disgusting this film is until you actually make the effort to go out and see this film. You will not be disappointed well and then again if you are than i’m sorry because well your sense of humor may not be into this kind of film but one thing was for sure.. i was all in! 





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