The career of James Caviezel has been extremely up and down, hit and miss and it dates all the way back to 1996.  His films such as Pay It Forward, The Thin Red Line, Angel Eyes, and High Crimes were big misses, he’s also had his share of hits too with The Passion of the Christ being his defining achievement (The Count of Monte Cristo, Frequency, Deja Vu were strong roles too).  Outlander was not a big marketing ticket as it wasn’t aimed for a big US release, therefore is sailed so far under the radar you would have never known this movie is almost three years old.

Outlander stars Caviezel as Kainan, a warrior from a distant planet that crash lands on Earth during the reign of the Vikings in 700 AD.  While he crashes on Earth, he brings with him a dangerous creature that threatens life on Earth and abroad.  These creatures, known as the Moorwen, are a cross between sabertooth tigers and the Predator.  Bad ass to define the term.  Kainan is captured by the local village people and accused of spying, but after they see the destruction of the Moorwen first hand, Kainan is entrusted to lead the locals in a fight against the creatures.

While the movie doesn’t have great acting, it’s not the type of movie you watch for the acting.  It’s one of those fun epic types that involves some good sword action, lots of killing, and aliens…what else could you ask for?  The movie was directed by Howard McCain which was his directorial debut and I can think of a ton of other films by first time directors that were far worse.  The film also stars Sophia Myles and Jack Huston in good supporting fashion and both John Hurt and Ron Pearlman serve as what could be chopped up to as extended cameos.

It’s not the greatest movie ever made by a long shot, hell, it’s not even the greatest “viking-esque” movie ever made but it’s enjoyable.  The CGI was better than I was anticipating, while the scenery was a pleasure to look at.  If you’re looking for a movie to rent that’s just a fun time, look no further than Outlander.