Robin Williams is one of the best actors of all time. His dramatic performances are always better than his comedic performances, so to see a film where the two meet (e.g. World’s Greatest Dad, Moscow on the Hudson), it is truly a masterpiece worth seeing. Moscow on the Hudson delivers multiple things: 1. Shows that not only can Williams act like a Russian, but he can speak Russian!!! 2. Elya Baskin (Russian tenant from the Spider-Man movies) is actually, or at least once was a very good actor. 3. Every director has the ability to make a movie that is good, even if they never made one in that caliber of “good” ever again (said film’s Paul Mazursky, The Jacket’s John Maybury, The Descent’s Neil Marshall). The list goes on.

Made during the Cold War, Moscow on the Hudson tells the fantastic story of a Russian circus saxophonist Vladimir Ivanoff (Robin Williams) who defects, which means he broke away from the Soviet Union and went for citizenship in America, in a Bloomingdale’s in New York. His story unfolds as a majestic example of how things really do happen for a reason, and how people, regardless of who, will always be doing random acts of kindness.

Best Aspects: The comedy, the writing, and especially the amazing acting from almost every member of the cast (especially Williams).

Bottom Line: A. Great movie that is heart-felt, and is also comedic at the same time. I completely recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a feel-good 80’s movie. It is on instant view on Netflix.