The ongoing battle between The Umbrella Corportation and Alice (Milla Jovovich) rages on as she joins the resistance. Their plan is to destroy Umbrella’s testing ground but there is someone special to her that was captured and she must first risk her life to save hers. Alice also runs into some old friends who are not who they used to be; they are now part of Umbrella. Can the team survive hordes of zombies and other malicious creatures as the time speeds by towards detonation? Will Alice succeed without her powers?

When I read the synopsis of this film and who will play in it, I was confused and excited. Confused because the film brought back Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) among others characters. She died in part one, how will they make that work? But the story added her I perfectly. I was excited because I love the characters Michelle plays. She’s hardcore and loves to kick butt. My type of girl and she did not let me down. She was awesome!  I really want to go more into it because that would give away key points. So, just take  my word for it, her performance is worth watching. Now, Milla always does a great job playing the heroine. If you saw Resident Evil:Retribution, you would know that Wesker takes her powers in the beginning. Although powerless, Wesker did not take her skills and boy does she have skills. A horde of fifteen zombies rushing to rip out her throat is a breeze in the park for her. I love the scenics backgrounds and how they play into the story. The cast were very entertaining and pleasing. I like this film better than Retribution but not better than the first Resident Evil and Apocalypse. Off the topic, I can’t wait for the game to come out this fall. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD/Blu Ray.
Rating: 4 stars