Sunshine is a Science Fiction film by British director Danny Boyle.  Boyle directed such films as Train spotting  and 28 Days Later.  This movie is an independent film that is harder to find than most.  I had to wait two weeks for it to open in a theater near me.  If you can find it, you must see this movie in a theater.

As with all of Boyle’s films, it is different from anything else I have seen.  This movie is about a group of astronauts on a mission to reignite the sun because it is dying.  Without the sun to keep the earth warm, the earth is trapped in an ice age that will cause everything to die very soon if this mission fails.  The astronauts are the second team to be sent and they are the final chance earth has.  The group gets a distress signal from the first ship, and pursue it to have a second bomb in case the first fails.  As with most “mission” style movies things begin to go wrong as the team faces one obstacle after another to accomplish their goal.

Even as much as I have said about this movie, it is impossible to explain it completely without seeing it.  It will delight you, scare you, and intrigue you all simultaneously.  Admitingly, I am a biased fan of Danny Boyle films.  However, any fan of any Science Fiction film will enjoy this movie.  Movies like  Armageddon and The Core, are only similar in the “mission gone hay-wire” idea behind the main plot.  What these other movies lack is the sheer ability to make you feel as one of the characters.   It was smart, gritty, and eerie.

This movie is a great story.  See this movie as soon as you can.