Well its here the Summer Movie season has finally Begun , And to kick it off we Get Robert Downey Jr, in a fantastic Start to the summer movie season. This movie lights up the screen like no ones business, Its very entertaining to i mean i loved every second of this film. Now this movie did not really have to live up to anything per say because i did not really care for Iron Man as much as i did this one the first Iron Man had no action in it and thats what the people were going for ..i thought it was OK nothing great , But Iron Man 2 defiantly beats it by a long shot. This movie is unlike pretty much every superhero movie you have ever seen. Now you would think going into this film its not gonna live up to anything BUT IT DOES!. This films greatest strengths is this one of a kind CAST! .. You really cant think of anyone better than Robert Downey Jr, to play this amazing and Huge part he throws out one-liners like no-ones business this guy is insanely funny i mean when you put him on the spot like that he delivers. Then we throw in returning cast Gwyneth Paltrow. Returning as the very lovable Pepper Pots or as the love interest for Tony Stark. Then we get Micky Rourke as the Bad-Ass Bad ass here i mean this guy kicks major Butt , and he is pretty  messed up in a way. Then throw in Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer the brilliant yet Corky CEO of Starks Industry’s Competition. Then Don Cheadle who is replacing Terrence Howard from the 1st one which is disappointing he is very good here as well. 

The Film Iron Man starts off in Russia we see Ivan (Rourke) who in his fathers last breath wants him to create this suit because Tony Stark took from them what was there apparently. So for the Opening Credits we See Ivan working on this What looks like a Huge Armored suit but its not .. he is constructed a Miniaturized arc rector of his own that way he can take on Tony Stark i mean c’mon every superhero has to have a villain. Well then we go 6 months later after Tony has announced that he is Iron Man. We see him Jumping out of a plan heading straight to the Opening of the 100 day Stark Expo .. and man can he make an entrance.But now Tony Stark has to attend a meeting in D.C to go ahead of the Senate played for well here and funny we get the comedian Gary Shandling who wants the Iron Man suit turned over to the US because according to them the Suit of Iron is considered to be a deadly weapon. So in there defense we meet Justin Hammer who is for the matter also and is also the enemy of Stark!. played very funny here by (Sam Rockwell) he can pull out the one-liners like no mans Business!.. He is also for the Iron Man suit being turned over to the states. But not shortly after that we are Starks racetrack in Italy i believe. But anyway as stark is racing his car we see Ivan and man is he ready to kick Iron Mans Butt i mean we see him in full arterially mode here he has this whip like Electrical things that i guess are really strong. But Stark has more things to worry about he appoints Pepper CEO of his company. O I also do not want to forget Scarlett Johansson has the Beautiful S.H.I.E.L.D agency but here cover is Natalie Rushman and man does she no the Kung-Fu moves. 

Then we also have to throw in Starks Best friend played by what should have been Terrence Howard but has been replaced by Don Cheadle which is kind of dumb in a way they think we don’t know the difference really? i have no idea anyway he is also for the Iron Man “weapon” to be put in military hands also. He becomes the sidekick of Tony Stark WAR MACHINE! and man it is also seeing those to together on screen together like that its insanely sweet. Now i do not want to give away to much of the movie. Jon Favreau comes back to direct this one of a kind Sequel who also directed the 1st one he shows alot of potential here has the director this action sequences through out the whole movie are very authentic indeed!.. You couldn’t ask for a better cast he is a very talented director here. He also shares a small role in this movie he pops in and out he actually gets a fight scene towards the end of the movie which i thought was pretty good! it was like his time to shine is what i thought!. Like i have been saying and i am gonna say it again if you are a Die-Hard fan of the series which i am after seeing this awesome movie i have to say GO OUT AND SEE immediately there is no question about. And if you saw the first and you dident like it well still go out and see this movie you will not be disappointed. This is a fantastic movie and an awesome start to the summer movie Season! … I am IRON MAN!,





Helpful Hint: Stay After The Credits! 

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