The Film a Nightmare on Elm Street is in no WAY perfect i kno what your thinking what the hell am i doing giving this movie what people are saying to be a complete waste of time, The Question i dont even no what i am giving this movie a 4.5 maybe because it was a scary FUN time at the movies. But even tho this movie yes has its many flaws which are pretty much made up by the end of the film this movie maybe Confusing and you may get lost at times .. By the very scary witty outright genius performance that Haley gives as the Very Burned and Disturbed Fred Kruger a Gardner from an Old pre-school!. This movie is cliched and yes you know when the jumps are gonna be tumbling at you.. and when i jump like i did thats when you know this movie is allright!.The movie starts out with the Twilight Hunk everyone at which is probably going to see this movie Kellan Lutz Who playes Dean i wish i could tell you more about this character but he is killed off within the first 5mins so i cant really tell you anything …well he is in a Diner the Springwood Diner where he awakes to nothingness and is started to get a little curious he stumbles to the back in the kitchen to find the Clawed Freddy Kruger!.. But i think i will let you see the movie to let you find out how this happens.At the funeral long time friend of Dean, Nancy played what is kind of like a young Emily Blunt played pretty good by (Rooney Mara) well after Deans death she is starting to see a strange man in her dreams who is burnt to a crisp basically to say hes name which you all no him buy FREDDY! why he is killing these teens one by one no one knows. But when the unsuspecting teens fall asleep they fall into a world at which they cant control.. and at this point your in Freddy’s world! where your pretty much dead as soon as you fall asleep.But as the original Freddy always dead Freddy loved to play with his victims minds before he kills him thats when we finally get a glimpse at this Finger-clawed FREDDY played i think as a very well choice Jackie Earl Haley!. You would maybe think he is not the best choice for Freddy Kruger but honestly if i had to pick someone i would Pick Jackie i mean he is so immersed into this burned Psychopath you really cant go wrong. Soon after another teen and another teen are knocked off the chopping Block!.Freddy begins getting closer and closer to finding what he wants hes favorite little girl Nancy. But Freddy keeping them up all the time pretty soon you have to get tired am i corrected? Yes sooner or later they all fall asleep… After 70 hrs of non-sleep your body begins to break down and you experience these little things called Micro-Naps where pretty much your whole body is sleeping and you dont even know it thats when Freddy can get you at your most vulnerable point!.This movie does have alot of scenes you know where the Music level rises about a third and you get this Huge BLAST! .. of sound waves in the theater well shockingly enough that worked for me i was genuinely surprise at the fact … you pretty much know when one thing is gonna pop out and well that kind of takes away from the fun of going to a horror film but it WORKS! .. There really is no PLOT twist here except the fact is if you have seen the original you know what to expect.Once again i am going to give credit to Jackie Earl Haley at giving one Hell of a performance here i was really immersed into this guy Fred Kruger the Flashback scenes actually when you dont that he is the way he is you kind of fell sad and lonely for this character but than you find out all the horrible stuff he did and you just feel like wow cant believe i felt sorry for this jerk.Seeing this movie did bring back some memories of the very first one.. this movie in no way shape or form lives up to the horror classic that is Nightmare on Elm st. But i wish Wes Craven would have had more involvement in this film than he did .. but i guess hes busy planning Scream 4 which i cant wait for. But when all is said and done you are going to be glad you went and Saw a Nightmare on Elm Street! .. 1…2… Freddy’s Coming for you!A-ReviewdByNateRunTime97minsRatedRThanks For Stoppin Buy!