The Film Kick ass is not the superhero movie that your gonna wanna take your 6 year old kids to see. But if you have a Teenage son take him to see this movie he will gurantee love this movie. I love this movie its a little much to handle at times but the movie quickly redeems itself with the Best one-liners since Hot Tub Time Machine.. This movie is extensively Gorey which i enjoyed actully. You have to be in a certin mood to see this movie. In a Kick ass mood persay.. But this movie is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Its an Awesome Comedy-Superhero flick.Dave Lizewski is your normal average Teenager, wonderd why no one has ever decided to become a real life superhero.. Like heros you see in comic books and on TV and in the movies.So after alot of thinking he decides to do it he gets this Scuba suit of the internet and names himself Kick Ass. Now remember he does not have any superpowers.Well lets just say his first attempt dident go so well .. i am not gonna give too much away he gets HIS ass kicked. But yet after entering a GANG fight sticking up for some stranger he doesent even no.And wards off a gang of crazy Gangbangers.So after that Kick Ass becomes an overnight sensation and is pretty much loved by the public but after a crime boss selling drugs see’s this crazy person and thinks that he is the one killin all of his men he vows that he wants kick ass’s Head on a STICK. So will Kick Ass make it or Not i guess you will have to find out.Now you may be shocked at this movie because i was shocked myself when the little 11-year old girl was just repeating C word and F word after another you will be shocked at what this 11 year old girl can do as HIT girl the purpal hair girl that packs a PUNCH! .. then there is her dad BIG Daddy.. they are trying to take down D’amico because they know his operation with DRUGS. who is also like BAT man for the most part they both KICK ass pretty good actully… Then we meet the next new superhero of the mix you is not what he seems.RED mist who has pretty much everything including a KICK ass car that is pretty intense together this team makes one Kick Ass movie im telling ya!.This movie lives off Its Blood and Guts and everything and i have to say for some movie it goes horribly wrong and does not work at all perfect example NINJA Assassin!! ..But for Kick ass it works in more ways than one the performances by all the leads is pretty good too the cast is perfectly casted i think Aaron Johnson was picth Perfect and he is very likable as the costumed Vigialnte KICK ass. Then we have Cristopher Mintz-Plasse as Red mist or everyone knows him better as McLovin.Then we have a side of Nicolas Cage that we havent seen in a long time as a badass named BIG daddy .. now im sure his performance is more lurid and intense than in his other movie Bad L. Port of call New Orlans.Now it was different seeing him in this kind of ROLE cuz he was actully pretty good he did play a loving father quite brilliantly .. then is his daughterChloe Grace Moretz as Mindy Macready or everyone or the FAN boys is going to refer to her as HIT GIRL! .. She is pretty brave doing this movie she was pretty much dropping an F Bomb every other minute it was pretty sweet. You would think that it is impossible to do the things she does i mean she could take down a gang of Druglords by her self which is amazing.This is one of those movies that when it has a title saying KICK ass it pretty KICK ass and this movie delivers more than once with the one liners one after another and a great supporting cast as the bad Guy Mark Strong who we have been seeing as the villian in alot of movie Sherlock Holmes this and the upcoming Robin Hood. I Highly reccomend this for any FANBOY im a huge one and this movie im being honest delivers. i have said it a ton of time before and im gonna say it again this movie KICKS ASS!AReviewdByNateRated RRunTime117minsThanks For Stoppin Buy