Grown UpsStep 1. Find 5 of the funniest guys in the world. Check. Step 2. Find 3 compatible girls. Check. Step 3. Find some of the most beautiful locations. Check. Step 4. Find plenty of loud hair-raising kids. Check. Put it all together and you get a hilarious comedy for people to talk about for years. Grown Ups stars, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade. Grown Ups is a movie about 5 childhood friends who haven’t seen each other in 30 years, but when they get back together after the death of their middle school basketball coach, hilarity ensues. Larry Feder (Adam Sandler) is now a hot shot Hollywood agent married to fashion designer Roxanne (Selma Hayek); together they have 3 kids, 2 boys Greg and Keith, and a daughter Becky. Eric Lamensoff (Kevin James) is a co-owner of a lawn furniture company and is married to Sally (Maria Bello) they have 2 kids, a daughter Donna and a son Bean. Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is the stay at home dad of the McKenzie clan while his wife Deanne (Maya Rudolph) is the working mother, they have a son Andre, a daughter Charlotte and a baby on the way. Rob Hillard (Rob Schneider) is a vegan, pacifist and is usually the punch line in most of the groups jokes, he is married to Gloria (Joyce Van Patten) a calm and spiritual woman 30 years Rob’s senior. Marcus Higgins (David Spade) is a single shallow womaniser. All 5 guys and their families go up to a lake house that Larry rented to say goodbye to the coach, and to spread his ashes over the lake. Once they get there they realise that their kids would rather stay inside and play video games, talk on their phones or even watch television rather than go outside. So the guys decide to take them outside and show them all the things they used to do to have fun as kids, from tyre swinging to “Arrow Roulette”. Even Roxanne who wanted to leave the moment they got there saw her kids behaving like “normal kids” rather than spoiled brats and decided they should stay. Lenny and the guys then run into someone from their past Dickie Bailey (Colin Quinn) the captain of the rival basketball team from the championship they won in middle school, who swears that Lenny’s game winning shot shouldn’t have counted because his foot was outside the line. He challenges them to a rematch. They start with 5 players on each team but when there is only Lenny and Dickie left; they each bring their kid on the court. Lenny is then faced with the shot that won them the championship, a shot that he has done a thousand times, that never misses. He shoots, and misses, intentionally, he then looks over at Dickie and his family and sees that victory, and the game is more important to them. The actor choices for this movie are spectacular; the casting agency really did a good job choosing these incredibly entertaining guys. Most of them have worked together before so they already have a kind of friendship off screen that makes the one on screen look so believable. All of them being comedians also helps with the style of comedy that they are trying to convey, they would know exactly how to tell the jokes, and the best time to tell them to get the greatest reaction from the audience, this is something they do very well. The women that they chose to play the wives are almost a perfect contrast to the husbands. Selma Hayek is exotic and beautiful whereas Adam Sandler is cute and goofy, Maria Bello has a slim and athletic figure in contrast to Kevin James’ chubby exterior, and Maya Rudolph comes across stern and strong as opposed to Chris Rock’s soft nature. This was a smart idea as it shows how the contrasts that are in marriages can still make it work, this film does this exceptionally. The locations that they chose to shoot this film in are incredible. The scenes where we first meet Larry in his huge mansion are just superb, while watching you can practically hear everyone’s mouth drop in wonderment. The lake house is just beautiful, if anyone who saw this movie ever went to a lake they would expect a house just like this one it is amazing, the rooms and the rustic feel, just great. Also the view onto the lake is spectacular; shooting there would have been a dream. Overall I think that this movie checks all the boxes of an entertaining family movie. It has outstanding actors that really made the movie what it is. It is able to convey loss of a friend, family issues and the unexpected circumstances that arise in life, and it handles it well, still keeping it a light comedy. I applaud them for this. I recommend this movie for all its funny, uplifting, and certainly worth spending $15.00 at the movies.